Nebraska man holds frog hostage in standoff with deputy

August 9, 2018

Nebraska man holds frog hostage in standoff with deputy

NORTH PLATTE, Nebraska — This is one of the stranger stories being toad ... uh, told ... by law-enforcement officials.

A man involved in a car crash ended up in a confrontation with a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy in which he used a frog as a hostage, according to reports. Not surprisingly, drugs and alcohol are suspected factors.

The North Platte Telegraph says the suspect was in a single-car rollover crash at about 1 a.m. Wednesday but was not seriously injured. The man then left the scene as a passenger in another vehicle.

Deputies tell WVLT Channel 8 that the man called 911 to report the crash but said he didn’t want to talk to deputies and would assault any officers who attempted to speak with him.

A deputy eventually pulled over the vehicle and the man got out, yelling at the officer, the Telegraph reports. He then picked up a frog from the ground and first offered it to the deputy, but changed his mind and said the frog was a hostage while also threatening the deputy.

The man threw paper and trash at the deputy before he eventually was stunned with a Taser.

The suspect was taken to a hospital for emergency evaluation. The frog escaped the ordeal unharmed, reports say, although his current whereabouts are unknown.

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