Nebraska Sec. of State Elect Evnan looking at voter ID laws

January 6, 2019

LINCOLN - Incoming Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnan will move ahead with a plan to require voter ID. He doesn’t want to wait until elections here are in trouble.Evnan says, “If you wait until your election process becomes corrupt it is too late to do anything about them. The time to address this is ahead of the curve.”Recent Gallup Poll shows this is not a controversial issue in the state because people want their vote to count. Evnan says Nebraskans don’t want their vote canceled out by someone who cast a ballot who was not entitled to do so.Evnan wants to put together a Voter ID Law for Nebraska that fits Nebraska and will protect our elections but does not disenfranchise properly registered voters. He is leaning toward a voter ID card but will spend the rest of the year carefully looking at what works in other states before making any proposals here.

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