Credit Madison police for their transparency -- Dave Topp

May 3, 2019

I encourage you to review the Madison Police Department’s 2018 Accountability Report.

This effort to be more transparent demonstrates the ongoing job the Police Department does every day. Being a police officer is no easy task. Dealing with the city’s criminal issues can be both dangerous and thankless. The professionalism demonstrated by officers and staff to protect and encourage public safety should be appreciated by all.

Not every police encounter lives up to standards of the Police Department. When they don’t, policies must be in place to deal with those actions. Officers don’t always get it right and should be held accountable. But the vast majority of time they do get it right. For those who think officers always get it right, or always get it wrong, you need to educate yourselves. Start with this report.

In part this report speaks to activities that didn’t go well or live up to standards. Usually those activities appear in this newspaper, and often with a rush to judgement. These instances demonstrate the underlying problems in society which the Police Department is not charged with handling but must deal with.

The prevalence of guns in our society has made us all less safe, especially police officers. I dread the day I read about a Madison police officer not making it home from a shift.

Thanks to Madison365 for helping to publicize this report, and thanks to all of Madison’s public safety personnel.

Dave Topp, Madison