Feedback on Facebook: Man dead after intentionally crashing plane into Payson home

August 19, 2018

The man was was arrested Sunday on suspicion of domestic violence against his wife.

Police say a man intentionally crashed his plane into a home Monday in Payson after a domestic violence arrest Sunday.

Investigators report Duane Youd, 47, was killed after he flew a Cessna 525 fixed wing business jet into his house near 600 E. Canyon Road in Payson early Monday morning.

Sara Taylor Pytlik I wish they wouldn’t paint Rhedd out to be a bad person. He honestly was an amazing guy who just happened to struggle with depression. He was not in the right place when all this happened, but he is still a good guy! He will be truly missed!

Amber Hutchings Duffin I’m sure he was a “nice guy”. He was just arrested for domestic violence and flew an airplane into his own home knowing his wife and child were inside. Nice guy right?! “But he is still a great guy”

“depression” doesn’t justify abuse.

Kedra Ellis He really was a great guy. Always helped in anyway he could. I feel so bad for both families and the tragedies that happened today

Jessica Brereton Cook You can’t judge a persons life on the 15 minutes that the media is painting for you. A dear friend of mines husband shot her not too long ago. Until then he’d never laid a hand on her. Off his medication and drank alcohol it was the perfect storm. The man was an honorable husband and father for 25 years. So unless you know the man and can speak to his life, this is a horrible circumstance that I bet he wouldn’t make the same choice again.

Amber Tapahe It’s almost as though domestic violence is often a precursor to more violent behavior.

Jennifer Lewis Sad for all involved

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