Beltone awards community volunteer with new hearing aids

November 17, 2018
Beltone's Patient Care Coordinator Amanda Bonner, left, of Beltone in Huntington, speaks with Jim Washington about a new pair of hearing aids he was given as part of Beltone's award to a community volunteer.

HUNTINGTON — Jim Washington said he has had trouble hearing since he was 14 years old.

“I ruptured my eardrum and I had trouble for many, many years trying to find hearing aids that worked for me,” he said.

Washington, now 83, says that all changed four years ago when he came to Beltone in the 600 block of 6th Street in Huntington.

“I have always had trouble hearing in a group setting and hearing my pastor at church,” Washington said. “Marsha Mattingly at Beltone fitted me up with a set, and I have been able to hear good for once in my life.”

On Wednesday morning, Washington was awarded a brand new pair of state-of-theart Amaze hearing aids from Beltone after the Huntington location was selected by Beltone corporate headquarters in Chicago as regional winners in a food drive in October to help their local community.

“We served food to over 250 people and collected more food for others in the community as well,” said Amanda Bonner, a hearing care practitioner at Beltone.

Bonner said when it came to selecting a customer, Mattingly, who is the president of Beltone Hearing Aid Center in Huntington, selected Washington because of his volunteer work with the World Changers, the Huntington City Mission and Fellowship Baptist Church.

Washington said World Changers is a community works project sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention American Mission Board/Lifeway.

“It is made up of youth and adult workers who come into a community for a week at a time to do remodeling work on homes of pre-qualified seniors and low-income homeowners,” Washington said. “We have worked on over 450 projects in Huntington.”

Washington is on the board of the Huntington City Mission, which offers many services to assist those in the community who are in need, both physical and spiritual. He is also the chairman of the mission board at Fellowship Baptist Church.

“We support 18 missionaries in the U.S. and around the world,” he said.

Washington said receiving the new hearing aids presents a wonderful opportunity for him to show them off to others with hearing problems.

“I would like to thank Marsha Mattingly and her staff, Steve and Amanda, for their caring attitude, and their mission always seems to be helping people and not about the money,” he said.

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