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July 11, 2018


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A second person has been arrested in the June shooting death of emerging rap star XXXTentacion (ex-ex-ex-ten-ta-see-YAWN’). Authorities in Broward County, Florida say 22-year-old Michael Boatwright is facing first-degree murder charges in the killing. Boatwright was initially arrested last week on an unrelated drug charge. Also charged in the rapper’s killing is Dedrick Williams, also 22. Authorities say robbery was the motive in the killing of the 20-year-old XXXTentacion. Detectives still want to talk to a third man, Robert Allen. He is described as a “person of interest” in the case who may know something about the shooting.


NEW YORK (AP) — Whitney Houston’s mother says allegations that her superstar daughter and her son were molested by her niece, Dee Dee Warwick, are “unfathomable.” In a statement to People magazine on behalf of herself and niece, singer Dionne Warwick, Cissy Houston revealed they first learned of the claims two days before the documentary “Whitney” premiered in May. In the statement, Cissy Houston says Dee Dee Warwick may have had her “personal challenges,” but the idea that she would have molested her kids is “overwhelming and unfathomable.” Dee Dee Warwick died in 2008. Whitney Houston died in 2012.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Roseanne” won’t be back as a TV show on ABC with Roseanne Barr as its star. But might it make a comeback as an Emmy nominee? It’s one of the questions being asked as tomorrow’s Emmy nods near. Requests for Emmy consideration were made before the show was canceled — and since then, no one asked that any entries be withdrawn. That means Roseanne Barr, the sitcom that bears her name and other cast members could be nominated. If that happens, it will be a question of whether Emmy voters overlook the racist tweet by Barr that got “Roseanne” canned. The show was the most watched series last season — with an average audience of nearly 19 million tuning in each week.



019073-w-348:72-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor, with TV theme music)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-Could “Roseanne” get an Emmy nomination the same year a racist tweet scuttled the show? (11 Jul 2018)

<<CUT *019073 (07/11/18)££ 348:72 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

019075-c-230:40-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“to be seen”-Could “Roseanne” get an Emmy nomination the same year a racist tweet scuttled the show? (11 Jul 2018)

<<CUT *019075 (07/11/18)££ 230:40 “to be seen”

019074-c-94:80-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“viewers each week”-Could “Roseanne” get an Emmy nomination the same year a racist tweet scuttled the show? (11 Jul 2018)

<<CUT *019074 (07/11/18)££ 94:80 “viewers each week”

019076-r-362:16-(Theme from “Roseanne”)-“Music fades”-Could “Roseanne” get an Emmy nomination the same year a racist tweet scuttled the show? (11 Jul 2018)

<<CUT *019076 (07/11/18)££ 362:16 “Music fades”


OLBIA, Sardinia (AP) — It would have made for an awesome stunt — if it weren’t a real-life collision. After seeing clips of the motorbike accident George Clooney had yesterday, it’s hard to believe his rep says the actor is home and “will be fine.” Surveillance video of the crash has been obtained by an Italian newspaper. It shows what appears to be Clooney’s scooter crashing into a blue Mercedes. Clooney flips over the front of his bike and into the air before landing on the asphalt. An area hospital says Clooney was treated and released after a few hours. He apparently ducked out a side exit to elude reporters and onlookers.



018980-v-337:92-(Charles de Ledesma, AP correspondent)-“I’m Charles de Ledesma”-George Clooney “fine” after motorbike crash in Italy (10 Jul 2018)

<<CUT *018980 (07/10/18)££ 337:92 “I’m Charles de Ledesma”


WASHINGTON (AP) — To hear President Donald Trump tell it, he still plans to give North Korean leader Kim Jong Un an autographed copy of an Elton John CD. The CD was to be delivered when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited with Kim. But since they couldn’t meet in person, the CD remains in U.S. hands. Unless Trump and Kim were able to talk it out during their summit, the choice of music might be a sore spot in their relationship. The CD contains the song “Rocket Man,” a term Trump has used to chide Kim when the North Korean leader boasted about his country’s nuclear capability.



018959-w-287:04-(Shelley Adler, AP correspondent with Elton John music)-“I’m Shelley Adler”-Trump says he still has ‘Rocket Man’ CD for Kim (10 Jul 2018)

<<CUT *018959 (07/10/18)££ 287:04 “I’m Shelley Adler”

018947-r-248:88-(Sound of Elton John singing ‘Rocket Man’)-“sound fades”-Trump says he still has ‘Rocket Man’ CD for Kim (10 Jul 2018)

<<CUT *018947 (07/10/18)££ 248:88 “sound fades”


NEW YORK (AP) — If Brett Kavanaugh ends up being approved by the Senate to be the next Supreme Court justice, the man appointed before him will be able to claim bragging rights — that is, if justices engaged in judicial trash talk. Neil Gorsuch can that boast the event to announce his nomination drew a bigger TV audience than the one that introduced the nation to Kavanaugh. Nielsen says 25.6 million people watched the Monday announcement. By comparison, the unveiling of Gorsuch late last year drew 32.4 million sets of eyes to the tube.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — They came for the music. But many of those who showed up at a Tennessee music festival couldn’t stay — because of the heat. The heat index rose to the mid-90s for yesterday’s Warped Tour punk rock festival at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville. Authorities say more than 200 people had to be treated for heat-related problems. Of that number, 20 had to be taken to a hospital for relief.


PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A transgender former middle school student who gained public attention for fighting to use the bathroom of her choice — is making her movie debut. Nicole Maines is in the independent horror film “Bit.” She plays a transgender teen trying to get fit in with a group of feminist vampires in Los Angeles. Maines, who is 20, has been attending the University of Maine but her dad tells the Portland Press Herald she’s leaving to focus on acting. It isn’t her first taste of show biz. Three years ago, she was in the TV series “Royal Pains.” And she has been in documentaries as herself. Back in 2014, the Maine Supreme Court ruled the teen’s rights were violated when school officials wouldn’t let Maines use the girls’ bathroom.

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