LONDON (AP) _ A British man will spend half a year entombed in the garden of his local pub as a tribute to his dead mother _ herself a former record-holder in the peculiar sport of being buried alive.

Geoff Smith, 37, plans to enter a coffin-shaped box Saturday that will be lowered into a hole near the Railway Inn pub in Mansfield in northern England. He hopes to stay underground 180 days _ long enough to beat the current world record-holder.

In 1968, Smith's mother, Emma, spent 101 days buried alive in Skegness, setting a world record that stood until 1981, when an American reached the 141-day mark.

Now, Smith wants to reclaim the record for his family, even though The Guinness Book of Records no longer recognizes the stunt due to safety concerns.

The unemployed Smith, whose mother died in 1996, plans to attempt the stunt in a 7-foot-long box that has a TV, lighting and toilet facilities. Food and drink will be passed down to him through a small tube.

``My mother did it so she could be in The Guinness Book of Records. I am doing it as a tribute to her,'' said Smith. ``I have been psyching myself up for two years and now I am ready to go.''