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Mrs. Quayle Says She Was Sexually Harassed With AM-Thomas, Bjt

October 11, 1991

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Marilyn Quayle, the wife of Vice President Dan Quayle, said in a broadcast interview Friday that she had been the victim of sexual harassment.

Mrs. Quayle, an attorney, told ABC-TV that the harassment began with ″a law school professor.″

″I point-blank nipped it in the bud,″ she said.

Mrs. Quayle, 42, is a 1974 graduate of the University of Indiana University Law School.

She said she had also been the victim of sexual harassment in Washington, but she did not give details.

Mrs. Quayle made the comments in a telephone interview with Barbara Walters. ABC released excerpts.

The vice president’s wife reiterated her support for President Bush’s Supreme Court nomination of Clarence Thomas and said she believed ″everything he has said.″ When asked if she therefore believed that Anita Hill, who has accused Thomas of sexual harassment, was lying, Mrs. Quayle said, ″Maybe the years have distorted what happened in her mind. It was a long time ago.″

″I don’t think any woman in the work force has not had some form of sexual harassment,″ Mrs. Quayle said.

″The one good thing coming out of this is the discussion of harassment,″ she said. ″It is a very difficult area. But the fact that we are talking about it now is for the best.″

Asked why she had not reported incidents of sexual harassment from her own life, she said, ″I am one of those people who won’t tolerate anything I do not like. In each instance I confronted the person doing it, starting with a law school professor.″

″But I was raised with boys and am not timid around the opposite sex at all. Basically, I feel that in the majority of cases, if you are able to confront it in the beginning, you save a lot of trouble in the long run, and move on.″

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