ICU staff sees baby boom

February 15, 2019

The ICU nursing staff at Great Plains Health grew their families by 12 members in 2018. The nurses, their babies and dates of birth are: Top row, from left, Myndi and Dawson Merrihew (Jan. 12, 2018), Makayla and Maddux Tetley (March 27), Stacy and Trey Haman (April 24), Courtney and Barrett McColley (May 7). Second row: Dani and Harrison Smith (June 6), Whitney and Elizabeth Bollinger (July 7), Keri and Augustus Allen (July 11), Becca and Ellie Romeo (July 18). Front row: Miranda and Emmi Stagemeyer (Oct. 16), Amber and Charlotte Higgins (Oct. 19), Alex and Bodhi Wilkerson (Dec. 11). The 12th nurse has since moved to Lincoln and is not pictured: Baker Steinkuhler and Monroe Steinkuhler (Oct. 5).