Protect yourself, your loved ones and the community by checking your vehicle’s airbags

November 20, 2018

As an imam, a rabbi and a pastor, we each serve residents of different faiths as they come through our doors every week, but we are united by our commitment to the wellbeing of our community and to giving every individual, regardless of their background or creed, the opportunity to thrive.

That’s why we’re joining forces to raise awareness about an urgent public safety issue posing a serious and potentially deadly threat to our entire community: the ongoing airbag recall - the largest safety recall in U.S. history.

Dangerously defective airbags can explode like a grenade upon impact, blasting sharp metal fragments at the driver and passengers, causing serious injury, or even death. In Fort Bend County alone, tens of thousands of vehicles contain these recalled airbags. The risk is particularly high in our area, due to our hot and humid weather, which make the defect worse over time.

Already, the lives of two cherished members of the Greater Houston community have been cut short by exploding airbags. These tragedies were entirely preventable, and they underscore the need for swift and urgent action on this issue.

The good news is our community is taking unprecedented action to eliminate defective airbags from Fort Bend Country roadways, protecting countless lives in the process.

This fall, members of Airbag Recall: Houston and automakers launched an intensive, collaborative, outreach program aimed at finding and repairing recalled airbags across Fort Bend County.

This new program involves daily outreach that is unique and tailored to residents of Missouri City, Sugar Land, Sienna Plantation, and other Fort Bend County communities. Outreach involves frequent recall-check events and other community-based efforts - including at area high school football games, local auto-body or repair shops, and in the parking lots of our very own places of worship.

While this momentum is heartening, there is still work to be done - work that we can do together.

Visit AirbagRecall.com today to check your vehicle. Or, use the Airbag Recall app, which you can download and use for free on Android and iPhone devices. With the app, you can use your phone’s camera to scan your license plate directly. If your vehicle has an open airbag recall, the app will guide you to schedule an appointment at your automaker’s local dealership as soon as possible.

The repair is absolutely free.

If an Airbag Recall volunteer approaches you to check your car or truck, give them your attention, hear what they have to say and accept their help. These individuals are supporting a greater cause - they could potentially save your life.

Help your family members check their vehicles for life-threatening, defective airbags. Tell your neighbors that this issue affects vehicles manufactured by 19 different automakers. Share this article with your friends.

Each action taken is a step toward protecting the blessing of human life. We have a powerful opportunity to work together to make sure that every defective airbag in our community is repaired, and to ensure that a trip to work, school or our places of worship is not our last.

Imam Mahad Qamar is the religious director at Maryam Islamic Center in Sugar Land, Dr. C. Chappell Temple is the lead pastor at Christ Church Sugar Land and Rabbi Josh Lobel is the lead rabbi at Congregation Beth El in Missouri City.

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