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Woman Carrying Eight Babies Gets Publicist

August 11, 1996

LONDON (AP) _ What’s a woman do when she finds out she’s carrying eight babies? Hire O.J. Simpson’s publicity agent.

Mandy Allwood, 31, of Solihull, is 18 weeks into her pregnancy, newspapers reported Saturday. Details were published Sunday in News of the World, Britain’s largest-selling tabloid, which paid for her story.

Max Clifford, the publicist who organized Simpson’s visit to Oxford in May, said he was approaching potential sponsors and hoped to line up $1.5 million in support for the babies.

``The perfect scenario for her would be to have all eight healthy babies,″ Clifford said Saturday.

``But she is realistic. She understands the problems and is not taking anything for granted. She is getting all the best medical advice and does not want to rush into anything. But so far, so good.″

News of the World devoted its front page Sunday to a picture of Ms. Allwood and the headline: ``I’m Going To Have ALL My 8 Babies.″

``I’m deliriously happy,″ she is quoted as saying. ``I want nature to take its course.″

But The Mail on Sunday accused Ms. Allwood of turning her pregnancy into a business transaction.

It was not known whether Ms. Allwood and her partner, 37-year-old Paul Hudson, underwent fertility treatment. She has a 5-year-old son from her former marriage.

The Sunday Mirror quoted her ex-husband, Simon Pugh, as saying she had told him she never wanted children, and had wanted to abort their son. He also gave details of the breakdown of the marriage.

In 1971, a doctor in Italy said he aborted 15 fetuses after four months of pregnancy for a woman who had fertility treatment.

The Guinness Book of Records says cases of nine live births have been confirmed in Australia in 1971, Philadelphia in 1971 and Bangladesh in 1977.

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