Linda Binder: Attack on Senator McCain was false, mean-spirited

September 23, 2018


Wow! What a vitriolic, ill-informed letter from A. Rios regarding our late Sen. John McCain. I wonder how John McCain’s fellow U.S. prisoners of war would feel knowing you had suggested that they were on a vacation at the infamous Hanoi Hilton? I personally flew military airlifts during the war years into Vietnam and Cambodia. I saw the abominable prison where McCain was help and tortured. It is incredible that anyone came out of that hellhole alive. Even though he experienced extreme cruelty, Sen. McCain actually forgave his torturers, although he lived with the health consequences of his daily beatings his entire life. For you to make fun and denigrate this man — who was not a perfect man, but who dedicated his life to trying to make us a better country by confronting policies and practice that he considered unworthy — is hard to read. I commend Sen. McCain for reaching across the aisle and trying to work with both parties for a better America. A practice sadly lacking in both our state and local governments today.

He was a true statesman! It is the type of bile that you spill, A. Rios, that divides us. Stop being so sanctimonious and find a little kindness before you continue to write such deluded outpourings of bunk.

Linda Binder

Lake Havasu City

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