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June 13, 1988

RATHDRUM, Idaho (AP) _ Duchess the lioness is lovesick and she’s not trying to keep it a secret.

Duchess lives with her owner, Glenda York, and Ms. York’s dog, two cats and two cockatoos west of Rathdrum in northern Idaho.

Betty Jergensen started complaining about her 2-year-old ″neighbor″ Duchess when the 300-pound African lioness went into heat recently.

″It roared practically 24 hours a day for 10 days,″ Ms. Jergensen said. ″It roared morning, noon and night. I plan on selling my property pretty soon, and I don’t want to have the damn thing roaring in the background when I show the house.

″What am I supposed to do, say ’Oh, it’s just the neighbor’s African Lion?‴

Ms. York, who plans to take the above-ground swimming pool out of her back yard and build an even larger pen for the lioness, says Duchess is safely and happily caged.

The cat eats about seven pounds of raw chicken a day, although sometimes Ms. York is able to get horses carcasses from veterinarians to feed Duchess. One of Ms. York’s other neighbors, Mike Richards, said the noise of Ms. Jergensen’s chickens bothered him more than the lioness’s roars.

Ms. Jergensen says she has called everyone she can think of, from fish and game officials to the Kootenai County sheriff to Idaho politicians. However, unless the cat is a roadside attraction, there are no laws that regulate it, she said.

″There’s nothing in the law that prevents you from having an exotic animal in your back yard,″ said Ms. Jergensen. ″I could have an elephant in my back yard tomorrow, and there isn’t a thing anyone could do about it.″


REDWOOD FALLS, Minn. (AP) - Inventor Warren Carlson’s Kennel Castle, a canine cage with a college education, won the grand prize for the Kerkhoven man as the most marketable contraption at the 31st annual Minnesota Inventors’ Congress.

Then there was tops in the transportation category, it went to Jerald C. Tagtow of Atwater for his floating bed for sleeping compartments in RV’s and trucks.

Electronics division winner Merle Heider of Humboldt, Iowa, won at the congress Sunday for his remote-control car starter and security device.

In the health-medical division, Wee-Changer Inc. of Freedom, Maine, won for its Wee-Changer device, and Harold Weise of Madison, S.D., won first prize in the household-personal division with his telescopic flag pole.

In the tools division, Terrance Balling of Lakefield won for a hydro-ram pipe pusher.

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