Ted Cruz debunks Trent Reznor’s claim he ‘drank all the beer’ at Nine Inch Nails show

November 30, 2018

Sen. Ted Cruz on Thursday debunked a claim by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor that the Republican “drank all the beer” at a concert several years ago and has been “bugging” the band to get on their guest list.

“He might be here tonight. He was bugging to get on the guest list and I told him to [expletive] off,” Mr. Reznor told the audience Tuesday at a Nine Inch Nails concert in Irving, Texas, The New York Daily News reported.

The singer claimed that Mr. Cruz attended a show several years ago and “drank all the beer, and was just a pain in the ass to be around.”

Earlier in the show, Mr. Reznor asked the crowd who among them voted for Mr. Cruz, asking for the venue’s house lights to be turned on so he could see who raised their hands.

“Nothing to be ashamed of. Just checking,” the singer said before kicking off the next song.

Mr. Cruz tweeted Thursday evening that Mr. Reznor’s claims were “fake news.”

“To all the gullible reporters who are ‘reporting’ that I asked to be on the guest list at a Nine Inch Nails concert: uh, no, NIN is not my music taste,” the senator wrote. “He was clearly joking. And for the record, I also didn’t ‘drink all his beer’ the last time...but I would have! #FakeNews”

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