Verb words - Reason and Purpose

August 22, 2018

David Woodbury

“A man has two Reasons for doing anything: a good Reason and the real Reason.” J. P. Morgan

“The Purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” Albert Schweitzer

Growing up meant chores to do. Life was not a free ride. The life of Riley was not tolerated under the roof on Randolph Avenue. Taking out the trash and cutting the grass were my chore duties as defined by the Absolute Monarchy of my parents, whose government controls of the individuals under their authority boarded on Oligarchy. (They did control the gold.) But within that system of government , I was taught at an early age about the words, “Reason and Purpose.” When the trash bucket was full, “Reason and Purpose” came calling for me to move my hinny and get it emptied. Let the trash bucket overflow and some nasty stuff fall on the floor, reason and purpose had me clean and tidy it. So not liking the prospects of having to clean the area, with reason and purpose, I made it a habit to check the bucket every day after school. The weekends, ugh, they were my nemesis. The same was true for the grass: “Reason and Purpose.” The longer the blades, the harder it was to push the mower through that green forest that seemed like red woods to produce a lawn smooth as any golf putting green. Now a Sunday lawn cut was added to my schedule to get it done once a week. Those were “real reasons and purposes” of my life in that point in my history. That, and not having Dad bark at me if the jobs somehow failed to be done.

Little did I realize in those formidable days that both words “Reason and Purpose” were nouns and verbs. I thought they were just verbs. So did my hinny. Call to action words. Verb words. So now looking at noun usage, let’s see. “The Reason for the season.” Yep, it’s hot. Maybe I should Reason a thought about the heat.

Maybe I should Purpose a move to Alaska. I don’t like nouns, well anyway, not those two nouns. Verb words. That is where it is at. Action.

Soon the halls of the local schools district will be filled with noisy students scurrying to get to the next class. Plus, students from across the state, nation and other parts of the world will arrive at Idaho State University (ISU) to fill its halls. They too, will be looking for that next class on the schedule. Students going to school with a real “Reason and a Purpose.” Action words.

The Portneuf Valley Interfaith Fellowship (PVIF) group also has a “Reason and a Purpose.” The Reason: to open dialogue between the varied faiths found in the community. The Purpose: to get a better understanding of the other membership faiths, but also to serve the great communities of Chubbuck and Pocatello as well as the community of ISU students. The quote by Albert Schweitzer to serve is embedded in the structure of PVIF. So is J.P Morgan’s “real reason.”

To the students in the local school district and to those who are attending the University, always remember your “Reason and Purpose.” Don’t let any reason get in your way of achieving your goals. Don’t lose your Purpose in life. Try to incorporate J.P.Morgan’s and Albert Schweitzer’s quotes into your thoughts and future direction.

Reason and Purpose, great action words. Verb words.

David Woodbury is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist church and a representative of his church to the Portneuf Valley Interfaith Fellowship.

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