Lee, Ogle, & Whiteside county property transfers for March 9, 2019

March 16, 2019

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of March 4-8

Warranty deeds

Gary F. Milnes to Florence L.J. Scott, 415 W. Main St., Morrison, $42,500.

Gary F. and Beth E. Milnes to Morrison Fire Department, 218 W. Main St., Morrison, $160,000.

Gary F. and Beth E. Milnes to Kerry Cromwell, 506 N. Orange St., Morrison, $27,000.

Gary F. and Beth E. Milnes to Michael and Dana McCoy, 106 W. Park St., Morrison, $55,000.

Mitchell D. Shepard, Keith W. Reynolds, and Linda K. Damhoff to Susan L. Olsen, 1409 Fourth Ave., Fulton, $106,000.

Sterling Federal Bank to Ahmad Farraj, 711 Fifth Ave., Sterling, $10,000.

Culturemission Ministries International to Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 514 13th Ave., Fulton, $23,500.

Darrell J. and Deborah L. Hansel to Kevin E. Heller and Kelli L. Rodriguez, 3241 Mineral Springs Road, Sterling, $159,900.

Elvira Cervantes to Two4five LLC, 509 Third Ave., Sterling, $39,000.

Frances Vanhyfte, Susan McCauley, Lorie Painter, Allen Foes and Patricia Pritchard to Douglas W. Mitchell, two parcels in Tampico Township, $359,864.

Rex Lasson to Mia Manuela and Michael John Gustafson, 507 1/2 E Fifth St., Rock Falls, $79,900.

Sherry S. and George W. Welker to Alejandro R. and Morgan L. Rivera, 1506 E. 24th St., Sterling, $130,000.

Jeanette Defrieze to Soleta Brooks, 13420 Howard Road, Prophetstown, $0.

David P. Bogott to Lynn M. Cassens, three parcels on Hoover Road in Sterling Township, $243,729.

Bosma-Renkes Funeral Home to Stephen E. Owen Real Estate, 404 E. Lincolnway Road, 401 E. Knox St., Morrison and 1500 10th Ave., Fulton, $1,000,100.

Kyle T. and Isabella K. Shambaugh to Shainah R. Briggs, 21005 Fulfs Road, Morrison, $90,000.

Maureen Henson and Karen R. Boesen to James and Karen R. Boesen, 809 W. Seventh St., Sterling, $0.

James and Karen R. Boesen to Maria Jaimes, 809 W. Seventh St., Sterling, $24,000.

Dawn M. Fisk to Michael R. Howard, 109 Ferry St., Prophetstown, $45,000.

Douglas W. and Ramona D. Smith to Brandon D. Wilson, 3119 Westview Drive, Tampico, $103,000.

Stralow Family Farms LLC to Todd Dail, two parcels on Science Ridge Road in Sterling Township, $1,184,740.

Rusty Surdez to Marell R. Virtue, 1302 15th Ave., Sterling, $40,000.

Carl H. and Dolores R. Nelson to George and Sherry Welker, 1504 E. 24th St., Sterling, $89,000.

Gary K. and Sandra J. Williamson to Wayne A. and Monica N. Walston, 17051 Chase Road, Fulton, $18,000.

Rex Lasson to Christian Tadeo Aguilar Olivo and Rebecca Renee Roberts, 712 E. 12th St., Sterling, $88,000.

BDTK LLC to David L. and Lori A. Snow, 308 Ninth Ave., 405 W. Fifth St., and 203 and 908 Fifth Ave. in Sterling, $142,500.

Elmer J. Oostenryk Trust to Jave Farms LLC, two parcels on Garden Plain in Union Grove Township in Morrison, $720,720.

Quit claim deeds

Rogelio and Yatziry Uribe to Yatziry Uribe and Jose Luis Sierra Olivo, 210 W. 21st St., Rock Falls, $0

Rodney A. Nysather to Rodney A. and Charlene J. Nysather, one parcel in Clyde Township, $0.

Matthew W. Morris to Roman Properties LLC, 806 Jackson St., Prophetstown, $0.

Erica Leach to Samuel Edward Leach, 206 E. Ninth St., Rock Falls, $0.

Trustee’s deed

Baumgartner Farm Land Trust to Douglas W. Mitchell, two parcels on Jersey Road in Tampico, $462,682.

James E. and Janelle F. Delhotal Trust to JDS Business Group LLC, 7 E. Seventh St., Sterling, $39,500.

Dean A. and Barbara J. Bodnar Trust to Marlene F. Keisel and Stephen L. Jackson Trust, one parcel on Fifth Avenue in Albany Township, $16,000.

Dutchess Family Trust, Linda K. Dutchess, trustee, to Sharon L. Bailey, 1009 Sixth Ave., Fulton, $147,000.

Barbara A. and Steven M. Belha Trust to Michelle K. Belha, 12616 Covell Road, Morrison, $210,000.

Karla C. and Robert E. Beattie Trust to Dean M. and Cynthia S. Book, two parcels on Capp Road in Jordan Township, $1,181,102.

Karla C. Beattie Trust to Jeffrey and Debora Nusbaum, four parcels on Capp Road in Jordan Township, $955,537.

Gary Bright to David L. and Lori A. Snow, 404 W. Main St., Morrison, $20,000.


Whiteside County trustee to city of Sterling, 1110 Seventh Ave., Sterling, $0.

Dustin A. Dauen to First Trust and Savings Bank, 208 Eighth St., Fulton, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded March 4-8

Warranty deeds

Darlene Ann and Terry M. Bernhardt to Askvig Boys Construction, LLC, 320 Elm St., Franklin Grove, $35,000.

Daniel Johns to Charles Jeschke, 4 E. Hawley St., Amboy, $18,000.

Colin and Eileen Fleury to Dominic S. Alvarado Sr., block 18, lot 90, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

Barbara J. Collins to Steven R. Parisek, block 2, lot 150, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Duethsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, First Franklin Mortgage loan trust to Cassandra and Ryan Hubbell, 816 N. Brinton Ave., Dixon, $103,000.

John M. Colbeck to Elaine A. Rios and James M. Walsh, block 17, lot 92, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

Midland States Bank to Autodoc Inc., 500 Chicago Ave., Dixon, $210,000.

First Mid Wealth Management Co and Soy Capital Ag Services and Trust Co., formerly known as Soy Capital Bank and Trust Co. to the city of Rochelle, one parcel in Alto Township, $0.

Village of Paw Paw to the Paw Paw to the Paw Paw Lions Club, one parcel in the Harrington Addition, $0.

Quit claim deeds

Chadwick Delhotal to James E. and Janelle F. Delhotal, co-trustees, 313 E. Seventh St., Dixon, $0.

Christine Koldan to Elodie Koldan Ayala, and Ava Sue, Christine, and Jonathan Koldan, block 27, lot 121, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0

Joseph Stavola to Raymond Battung, block 11, lot 104, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Juan Ramon Gonzalez to Carlos Collazo, block 25, lot 23, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0

Trustee’s deeds

James E. and Janelle F. Delhotal, co-trustees to JDS Business Group, 1 and 3 W. Pleasant St., 13 W. Main St., 131 Jones Ave., 4 N. Mason Ave., 140 N. Blackstone Ave., and 502, 504, 506, 508, 510, 512 and 514 E. Provost St. all in Amboy; and 313 E. Seventh St and 710 College Ave., both in Dixon, $584,000.

James E. and Janelle F. Delhotal and Delhotal Revocable Living Trust to JDS Business Group LLC, 211 S. Commercial Ave., Amboy, $109,000.

Clarence D. and Marilyn Ann Blaine Trusts, Clarence D. and Marilyn Ann Blaine, trustees, to Amanda M. and Brian D. Blaine, one parcel in East Grove Township, $0.

Carla Zimmerman and Zimmerman Family Trust, Carla Zimmerman, trustee, to Mark and Timothy Henkel, 2496 Green Wing Road, Sublette, $270,198.

Executor’s deeds

Gary L. Smith, executor, and Harry J. Smith estate to Trobey D. Trotter, 321 Park St., Dixon, $87,000.

Max L. Fulrath estate, Mary J. Klinefelter, independent executor, to Tammy J. Kolve and Terri L. Stephens, 1402 Bonnie Ave., Dixon, $62,000.


Sterling Federal Bank to Sauk Valley Properties LLC, 307 E. Sixth St., Dixon, $33,000.

Janet F. and Ryan M. Atkins to Katie J. and Michael R. Dunphy, 547 Morgan Road, Amboy, $18,000.

Ronald J. Blaine, Blaine Investments LP to Amanda M. and Brian D. Blaine, one parcel in East Grove Township, $0.

Tri-Rental Systems Inc. to Ronald A. Mack, 1856 Quail Hollow Road, Steward, $0

Cory W. Bennett and Lee County sheriff to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 992 Mile Road, Dixon, $0.

Glorene D. Svendsen to Jeffrey M. Svendsen, one parcel in Viola Township, $0.

Sheriff’s deeds

Alicia and Scott Kellogg and Lee County sheriff to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 620 First Ave., Dixon, $0.

Administrators deed

Irma Abogado Estate and Jacqueline Beecher to Barbara M. Dwulit, block 13, lot 135, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $16,500.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County property transfers recorded March 1-7

Warranty deeds

Federal National Mortgage Association to Christofer and Andrea Jacobs, 2793 E. Mill Road, Byron Township, $187,500.

R&D Hardware Inc. to Rochelle Hardware Leasing LLC, 1383 N. Seventh St., Rochelle, $450,000.

Jodi L. Kyle to Laura A. Kohler, 311 E. Roosevelt St., Stillman Valley, $165,000.

John B. Gardner to Eric Nelson, 323 Birch Lane, Taylor Township, $101,500.

Chad M. and Sara Isley to Dustin and Megan Runyon, 704 S. Second St., Oregon, $68,000.

Pedro A. and Gloria C. Pascua to the city of Rochelle, 410 Cherry Ave., Rochelle, $6,000.

Becky Patterson to Nicolas M. Escobar and Lindsay M. Mitchell, 604 W. Oregon St., Polo, $225,000.

Denny R. and Valerie A. Borgmann to Jodi S. Hollis, and Gary O., Sally A. and Michael O. Engbert, 56.93 acres on West Hilldale Road, Leaf River Township, $384,500.

Gary and Lori Greenfield to Janice Kereven Potts, 205 Mix St., Oregon, $78,000.

Doane Holdings Inc. to David P. Hayenga, 5433 E. Woodburn Road, Byron Township, $359,000.

Larry L. Lyons to Eric J. and Jodi L. Miles, 124 N. Chesnut St., Byron, $215,000.

Cori C. Hilliard to Steven J. Lodge, 6064 E. Bradley Rd., Marion Township, $150,000.

Nicolas Escobar and Lindsay M. Mitchell to Daryl A. Johnson, 513 N. Congress Ave., Polo, $153,000.

Thomas W. Wendling to Monica Cronk and Kyle Pumpfrey, 605 Missouri Drive, Taylor Township, $259,000.

Mark A. and Angela K. McLane to Michael Wallace, 405 W. Fulton St., Polo, $35,000.

Sharon Walker to Hickory Ridge Homeowners Association, East Skare Road, Flagg Township.

Rick J. and Christine A. Griesbach to Tricia Paulson, 15651 Oak Tree Drive, Davis Junction, $164,900.

Carl A. and Dorothy M. Gilbert to Mark E. Bocker, trustee of the Mark E. Bocker Trust Under Declaration, and Teresa L. Bocker, trustee of the Teresa L. Bocker Trust Under Declaration, 85.84 acres on North Union Road, Lincoln Township, $1,158,840.

Quit claim deeds

Groenewold Family Limited Partnership to Scott M. and Julie A Heeren, North Hollywood Road, Maryland Township.

James Wooden to Jaclyn Wooden, 303 N. Minnesota Drive, Taylor Township.

Susan M. Penner to iDimensions LLC, 23 S. Wesley Ave. Mount Morris.

Executor’s deeds

William F. Wittig, independent executor of the estate of Martin C. Wittig, to Paul M. and Tammy J. Homman, 67 acres on North Triumph Road, Leaf River Township, $521,000.

Sheriff’s deeds

Ogle County sheriff to Ismael Ortega, 1207 Tilton Park Drive, Rochelle, $73,500.

Ogle County sheriff and Arlyn J. Imel to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2813 N. state Route 26, Lincoln Township..

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office