Former choir director of 19 years donates to World-Herald charity in honor of singers

November 23, 2018

Terry Theis spent 19 years as the Chancel Choir director for St. Luke United Methodist Church in Omaha, building friendships with a very talented group of people, he said.

What better way to say thanks than by donating in their honor to Goodfellows, The World-Herald’s charity?

“They’re all neat people,” he said. “They’re dedicated to the church and to the good of the Sunday morning service.”

Theis, who retired in June, said he has never met anyone in the choir he didn’t like, and that he enjoyed all of his years there.

He said he chose to give to Goodfellows because it was something everyone in the choir would appreciate.

“I wanted (a donation) that covered the city because St. Luke is an Omaha institution,” Theis said. “Giving something that’s in the community made a lot of sense.”

All donations to Goodfellows go directly toward helping needy people in the Omaha area and, occasionally, elsewhere in Nebraska. The World-Herald covers all administrative costs.

Theis has a doctorate in music performance and taught in the Omaha Public Schools for more than 30 years. He still attends St. Luke, but now he’s a singer instead of the director.

He has a passion for choral music.

“I’m one of these people that did the right thing in his life and would do it again,” he said. “That tells you something.”

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