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Moldovan Parliament ratifies European Union accord

July 2, 2014

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — Moldova’s Parliament has ratified the former Soviet republic’s free trade agreement with the European Union, a move that Russia opposes.

Parliament voted 59-4 Wednesday to ratify the Association Agreement with the EU, which was signed by Prime Minister Iurie Leanca in Brussels on Friday. Ukraine and Georgia also signed the same agreements which will bring closer economic and politics ties with the 28-nation bloc for nations traditionally in Moscow’s orbit.

Some 4,000 rallied in downtown Chisinau Wednesday in favor of the agreement. However, the pro-Moscow Communists which have 38 seats walked out of Parliament.

President Nicolae Timofti said: “The next step is to ask for and get a clear timetable for joining the EU.”

“I know this is an achievable goal. Long live Moldova in the European Union!”

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