LETTER: King’s record does, indeed, speak for itself

September 30, 2018

When Steve King says his record speaks for itself, he is spot-on. His record consists of collecting $174,000 per year of taxpayer money since 2013 and, in return, taxpayers got zilch.

Not one bill that sprouted from his desk has evolved into a law. That’s not exactly what you would call a stellar record. When he gets in front of a camera and starts spewing his George Wallace-caliber racism, he makes all Iowans look foolish. The world automatically connects the name Steve King with Iowa.

Ten bucks says that even with The Journal editorial board’s urging, King will not debate J.D. Scholten, but will instead take his $174,000 to the bank, laughing all the way. - Jerry J. Kobs, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

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