DANBURY Reward for tip on golf course vandalism

August 7, 2018

DANBURY — Officials with Richter Park are offering a cash reward and free golf in the hopes of finding those responsible for recent vandalism on the golf course.

Robert Dorsch, the superintendent of the course, said the vandalism is some of the worst he’s seen in his more than two decades overseeing the facility. What’s worse, it appears that a golfer may be responsible.

Dorsch said the vandal first hit on Sunday night, when the green surrounding the 13th hole was ripped up by somebody joyriding a golf cart. Dorsch said he knew the damage was from a cart because of the tire marks left behind.

“It could be a group of golfers who are teeing off at the end of the day and have no regard for course etiquette,” Dorsch said. “Of course there are some homeowners in the area who also own golf carts.”

The damage on the 13th hole made it unplayable Monday morning, and it took crews more than four hours to repair. But the culprit apparently struck again Monday night.

On Tuesday morning, workers had discovered more vandalism on the fairways for the 11th, 12th and 14th holes.

“It looks like a bunch of half circles and skid marks that threw grass out on both sides,” Dorcsh said.

He estimated that the damage from the vandalism was around $3,000, and that’s not counting lost revenue from having portions of the facility not available to players.

“When a green can’t be played the word gets around,” Dorsch said, adding the damage has since been repaired. “I’ve seen damage in my day from someone joyriding on the course but nothing like this, especially on the greens.”

He added that police have been notified and are investigating the incident.

But an in effort to help identify those responsible, Dorsch said they are offering a $1,000 cash reward for information leading to the culprit as well as free golf for the rest of the year.

“We just hope that someone with information about this will come forward,” he said.


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