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Dems Fly To Puerto Rico On Chartered Jet, Meet With Lobbyists, See Hamilton As Shutdown Drags On; CEO Exits As PG&E Faces Fire Liabilities,

January 15, 2019



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<Head: Dems Fly To Puerto Rico On Chartered Jet, Meet With Lobbyists, See

Hamilton As Shutdown Drags On; CEO Exits As PG&E Faces Fire Liabilities,

Bankruptcy Preparations; The Real Collusion; William Barr: ’Vitally

Important’ For Bob Mueller To Complete Russia Probe; Trump Rejects Sen.

Graham’s Call To Reopen Government; Trump: It’s Common Sense To Build The

Wall - Part 1>

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LOU DOBBS, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK HOST: Good evening, everybody. The national security crisis along our Southern border is worsening. And the radical Dems continue to ignore the indisputable evidence of a nation whose borders are being overrun. And there is, unfortunately, tragically, no evidence whatsoever that the Dems have any intention of taking seriously their duty to end the drug and sex trafficking and criminal illegal immigration across our Southern border.

President Trump today said he is still waiting for the Dems to end their obstruction, and their political games and help fix the humanitarian and national security crisis. Something the former president, Barack Obama, called for back in June of 2014. And the Dems then did not call him either immoral or inaccurate.


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the border that only underscores the need to drop the politics and fix our immigration system once and for all.


DOBBS: A desire to fix the crisis and the desperate need to build that border wall is why President Trump has remained in Washington throughout the government shutdown. In marked contrast to the Dems, who left Washington as quickly as they could. They headed for Puerto Rico where they spent the weekend on the beach and casinos, and partying with lobbyists.

President Trump again displaying his commitment to end the national security crisis, saying it’s time for the radical Dems to follow his lead.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: So I have been here all weekend. A lot of the Democrats were in Puerto Rico celebrating something. I don’t know, maybe they’re celebrating the shutdown. We have a very big crisis, humanitarian crisis on the border. Everybody knows it. They know it. And many of them are saying, we agree with you, many of them are calling and many of them are breaking.

The Republicans, they are rock solid. We’ve got to take care of our border. We have a priority, it’s the safety of our nation. The southern border has been horrible for decades and it’s now because of the success of our country it’s now at a level that we cannot put up with. The Democrats have to put something. We need their votes, otherwise we can’t solve it. Without their votes, they now control the House.

Let’s see if they can lead. I don’t know that they can lead. We will soon find out.


DOBBS: Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief under President Trump, Mark Morgan says President Trump is absolutely right about the need to build the wall in our southern border. Mr. Morgan joins us here tonight to discuss whether the President’s demand for a wall is the best way to keep America safe. We also take on President Trump’s ongoing political battle to secure the battle with Republican Strategist, Ed Rollins.

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Michael Goodwin, former Trump campaign manager, Cory Lewandowski all with us tonight here. And the Russian witch- hunt goes on as the left-wing national media continues to try to smear the President in the most for prosperous campaign against him since the witch- hunt began. Fake news board with all the nonsense about the wall and the government shutdown. Returning to -- that’s right, Russian collusion.

In case they forget their parts on the phony baloney narrative that the left cooked up more than two years ago. The President today saying, any investigation into so-called collusion is simply a hoax. All of the FBI officials behind the investigations are nothing but dirty cops.


TRUMP: The people doing that investigation were the people that have been caught that are known scoundrels there. And I guess you could say they’re dirty cops. The whole thing is a hoax. It’s a big hoax and it’s very bad for our country. So what happened with the FBI, I have done a great service for our country when I fired James Comey because he was a bad cop and he was a dirty cop and he lied, he really lied.


DOBBS: And here tonight we address where the real collusion lies. Former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell joins us as does the former chair of the House Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz. And utility giant PG&E in California preparing to file for bankruptcy amid fallout after the company admitted its faulty equipment spark some of California’s deadliest wildfires. And now, there are a lot of questions about how its officers and its board of directors were ever selected for their jobs.

We take that up here tonight. Our top story, the need for a border wall, more imperative. The President today making it clear that the best defense from this scourge of drugs, human trafficking, and criminal illegal immigrants passing through our southern border is the wall. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, what the President is asking for is no different than what Democrats have supported for years.


SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY), SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: The Speaker of the House has decided that opposing President Trump comes before the security of our borders. The President has asked for a reasonable, new investment, $5.7 billion. About one-tenth of one percent of Federal spending, for the same kind of border security that prominent Democrats actually used to brag about supporting.

The very same kind of reinforced steel fencing that the Obama administration bragged about building. Or precisely the kind of barriers that the men and women of law enforcement, there on the ground insist are vital for their mission. So, Mr. Presidents is for precisely the same kind of border security in which number my Democratic colleagues here in the Senate were perfectly happy to vote to invest billions of dollars just as recently as last Congress.


DOBBS: And now with the latest for us from the latest from the White House tonight. Ed?

EDWARD LAWRENCE, FOX BUSINES NETWORK REPORTER: Yes, Lou. Right now, actually, the President is meeting the 2018 NCAA football champions -- football champions, Clemson Tigers. The shutdown affecting the celebration. The President says he had to go out and buy a McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Domino’s and Burger King.


TRUMP: The reason we did this is because of the shutdown. And I will say, the Republicans are really, really sticking together. It’s great to see because we need border security. We have to have it. We have to have it. No doubt about it. Should’ve happened 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago. And it’s going to happen now.


LAWRENCE: And the President taking his message to New Orleans today. President talking to farmers in New Orleans telling them why they need border security. Why he wants to keep out the criminals, the illegal drugs that come in across the border and human trafficking.


BRAD STICK, FARMER: And there we have the President talking to farmers, they are telling them exactly how he can help them not just with border security but also talking about trade he says that his policies have brought China to the table as well as other countries. Now before leaving New Orleans the President questioning why Democrats won’t engage in this process, why they won’t come to the table.

He alluded to a photograph taken of Senator Bob Menendez on the beach at the winter retreat in Puerto Rico. 30 Democrats chartered a plane, a private plane to go there to meet with lobbyists. Still Democrats saying the shutdown is the President’s fault, not addressing these optics. Well, Senator Menendez tweeted about today about HUD contracts for affordable housing in New Jersey how they’ve expired or set to expire leaving 3,000 people at the risk of losing their homes.

Democrats saying the President needs to open the government first and then they’ll talk about border security. The President saying that the priorities are messed up and you should deal with all of it at the same time. Back to you, Lou.

DOBBS: Now Ed, one wonders why anyone would pay any attention to Senator Menendez on any question with those kind of optics. What career could he possibly have left? That’s a rhetorical question you need to respond. Let me ask you to respond to one thing, it looks like the government shutdown is affecting the lens on that camera inside the White House. I mean, this is -- this shutdown is getting serious when it’s affecting those lenses.

LAWRENCE: You know, I think that was a fact -- the fact that you’re outside in then we went inside in the fog --


LAWRENCE: But I will tell you that it did affect the shutdown. And, you know, it’s interesting that Senator Menendez did not mention at all the optics of being on the beach there. He tweeted several times actually after that photo came out. Still nothing from the Democrats on it. It’s interesting.

DOBBS: It is interesting and by way if they enjoy the optics of Menendez with the bikini-clad young lady at poolside in Puerto Rico during a shutdown, if they enjoy the optics of partying with lobbyists in Puerto Rico, I think that tells you where they’re headed and it’s not a good place. Ed Lawrence, you’re in a good place, the White House and we appreciate it. Thank so much.

LAWRENCE: Thanks, Lou.

DOBBS: Edward Lawrence. Joining me now, Mark Morgan. Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief under President Obama. Mark has a lengthy distinguished career in law enforcement and almost every level of government before the border patrol, 20 years in the FBI. Time as a special agent in charge of the FBI’s El Paso division, one of its busiest divisions and sectors as well in -- as in local law enforcement. Mark, good to have you with us and thank you so much.

This is -- you know, it is extraordinary that the Democrats will not recognize, they have become deniers. The facts are the facts. It isn’t a matter of dispute, the number of criminal illegal immigrants being arrested. The number likely extrapolating from previous experience were getting crossed the border. The deadly drugs that are being trafficked into this country from Mexico. And by the way, the majority of which -- the majority of fentanyl, marijuana, cocaine heroin, it is -- it’s all coming from Mexico.

And they refuse to acknowledge that. And you say the President’s wall is exactly the prescription necessary to stop it.

MARK MORGAN, FORMER BORDER PATROL CHIEF: Lou, that’s absolutely right. And everything you just said is exactly why I have broken my silence after all of this time. Two major points that I want to make sure American people here based on my experience. Not some political ideology. The President is absolutely correct when he says this is a national security and humanitarian crisis. It absolutely is and it has been.

Number two, let’s go back to what you just mentioned earlier. What is incredulous to me is in 2006, the Secure Fence Act was passed. A bipartisan group of politicians that were saying the same thing years ago that the President is saying now why we need a wall. And the wall, what’s ironic about that, 720 miles of wall was built as part of a multilayered approach of infrastructure technology and personnel and it works.

And we have the facts that short it works. Go to El Paso, go to San Diego, go to Nogales, it’s fact.

DOBBS: It is fact. And the truth -- the truth is this that this country is suffering through a crisis is -- that will be on ending. It will go on in perpetuity because this President is not receiving the support. The -- and it’s not a question of partisanship as the President has said. This is the duty of every person, Democrat and Republican. There is another duty at play here which is being ignored. This country has a neighbor, Mexico which have so many wonderful qualities as a nation and certainly the peoples of Mexico are wonderful people for the most part.

But they’re in the control -- they’re under the control of cartels across the vast sweep of Northern Mexico. Its government itself. And this President is the only president in history to ever say that he is taking them on. And that’s what he is doing when he tries to stop the drug trade, the sex trade and illegal immigrants crossing the border. Correct?

MORGAN: That’s absolutely right. And as you mentioned, I spent two decades in the FBI, one leading the El Paso division for the FBI. And I could tell you, Lou, the cartels they’re worrying then and they’re still worrying now. And think about that, I want the American people to take a second. Why are they worrying? Because they’re fighting over the human trafficking routes, the drug routes, the illegal immigration routes. Why? Because it’s so profitable.

If we build this wall as part of that multilayer approach, we take that avenue away from them. It’s just common sense. The President is right. We take a significant avenue away from them and now we are in a better position to stop this and dramatically reduce bad things and bad people coming into the country.

DOBBS: In that -- in that vein, let me ask you for your judgment on this. The government of Mexico, now with the new president, Obrador, he represents change. The question is, what direction that will take. But those cartels have corrupted the government itself of Mexico at the Federal level, the provincial level. How much of the border, both sides of the border, are corrupted as a result of those cartels, their trafficking.

And the efforts, let’s be very clear, the efforts of the establishment right and left to keep that border wide open for illegal immigration and keep business as usual whether it’s remittances, $50 billion worth long across that border, southward are drugs moving north.

MORGAN: Lou, make no doubt, the cartels are alive and well. The corruption is alive and well. And that’s why if you look at the experts who work this everyday, who dedicated their lives, 127 border patrol agents have given their lives defending the border. If you look at this, we -- it’s absolutely an issue. And that’s why when we talk about what we need to do, it’s not just about the wall which we need but it’s also continued work with Mexico to get them to get skin in the game and fix issues on their side. We need to do it all, including the wall.

DOBBS: Mark Morgan, good to talk with you. We thank you so much. Appreciate it.

MORGAN: You bet.

DOBBS: Take care. Up next, government shutdown didn’t stop the abstinent left from spending time on the beach or their warrantless assault on the president.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It’s the President that shoulders the responsibility here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: President Trump blew up the negotiations. This is a guy who has prayed for a shutdown.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Business schools and management consultants will look back for years and say this was the most inept negotiation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it ends when the Senate Republican say we’ve had enough.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What I believe is that he’s created a tragedy at the border.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I feel like I’m stuck as a new member of the Trump of the Day Club. I don’t know what position he’s going to hold. Frankly, he might change his position before the end of this interview.


DOBBS: But we know one thing, the Dems will maintain their position. Throughout for the past 13 years they’ve insisted on wide-open borders and they don’t care whether it is illegal immigration, sex and drug trafficking and the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans as a result of more drug overdoses as we take all of that up right after the break. Ed Rollins, Michael Goodwin join me. Stay with us.


DOBBS: President Trump continues to work tirelessly to end the government shutdown while the Dems vacation and party in Puerto Rico. Can you believe those son of a guns? I mean, really, optics, it’s over the top. Over the weekend, 30 Congressional Republicans, 109 lobbyists but who’s counting and K Street executives as if they are lobbyists traveled to San Juan for the Hispanic Caucus bowl winter retreat and bold they were.

The -- can we see the picture of Menendez? I mean, that’s just worth a million words right there. Let’s not. Well, there -- that’s better. With shirt on. The retreat included a screening of the Broadway Play, Hamilton. Pretty good, huh? Well, joining us now, former Reagan White House political director, Fox Business political analyst, Ed Rolllins. Savant without peer. Also with this, New York Post columnist, Fox Business Contributor, Pulitzer Prize winning, Michael Goodwin. Good to have you both here.


DOBBS: Those are -- those are images you never ever quite unsee. Bob Mendez poolside with a bikini clad young lady. I’m sure they were talking lobbying issues. Serving the public.

ED ROLLINS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I’m glad the new Democrats are just like the old Democrats. Go down with 30 members and hundred lobbyists. And that’s --

DOBBS: That’s a good ratio.

ROLLINS: Good ratio, good ratio --


ROLLINS: -- to talk about poverty issues and --

DOBBS: Who do you think was paying?

ROLLINS: I promise you they weren’t, the members weren’t.

GOODWIN: And don’t forget, Nancy Pelosi earlier in Hawaii during the shutdown. So, yes, they know how to get out of town.

DOBBS: Well, they know how to get out of town but what kind of -- what kind of direction are we going to see them go when they -- if they do return, if they can break away to assume responsibilities on Capitol Hill? What do you think is going to happen?

ROLLINS: I think that the Democrats are not going to cave and the President is not going to cave and I think we’re going to go through a couple more weeks here and I think he’s going to be forced to do by an executive order to build this wall. And if he doesn’t do that, he’s not going to get his wall.

DOBBS: Do you recommend that he declare a national emergency?

ROLLINS: Absolutely. Absolutely.

GOODWIN: I think he has been smart to hold that as the final move. So I think he has made really a sincere effort to entice them back every day to say, I’m here, let’s come, let’s meet. It’s having no effect. But I think that people can really see that he is trying, that he wants to make a deal, he wants to get something done and that they don’t. And so I think at some point --


DOBBS: All of the time that these fools are playing with lobbyists in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is a horrible set of optics. And it would be even worse if the national left-wing media did his job. But we know they’re not going to do the job. They’re -- for all I know they’re with him in San Juan for the party as well as the lobbyists. I mean, it’s a sickening, pathological, symbiotic relationship that has now developed between the left-wing media and the radical Dems of the Democratic Party, one supporting the other.


DOBBS: And against the President of the United States.

ROLLINS: Well, I think Michael said it so well on this column. And I think de Blasio in the state of the union speech, he said what Democrats are. There’s plenty of money out there, we just have to redistribute it. It’s in the hands of all the rich guys and not on the poor people and that’s Democrat policy is. And it’s accurate, it’s not -- it’s the working people who basically are the ones that are going to pay a price here.

DOBBS: One more socialist -- I’ll be nice. One more socialist running for the Democrat presidential nomination.

GOODWIN: How many socialists does it take? But, you know, I thought --

DOBBS: How many can we take?

GOODWIN: Yes. You know, Lou, I thought too the weekend stories in the New York Times and Washington Post over Trump in Russia again struck me as an odd bit of counter programming. I wonder if they weren’t leaked and those stories run.

DOBBS: Of course they will.

GOODWIN: Because -- no, but because of the timing that they are in a way covering up for what is clearly been absent without leave for the Democrats who are refusing to do anything on the border. So we have -- we change the narrative here. We change the storyline for you.

DOBBS: Yes. We -- they can change it and change it again because they’ve got nothing but this preposterous pretext of Russian collusion. And the collusion is stunning because it’s Democratic collusion, it is FBI collusion. Their money was going to Russian agents for crying out loud. Rod Rosenstein, I mean, after all of this reporting and nobody figures he’s a double, triple, quadruple agents?

GOODWIN: Nobody knows (INAUDIBLE) he’s on.

DOBBS: I mean, come on. This is a fool’s enterprise on the part of the Times, the Post, the left-wing national media.

ROLLINS: Well, the amazing things to me is, where the hell was Sessions? He is still the attorney general and when the FBI started investigating a president to see if he was basically -- it was just outrageous.

DOBBS: Here are the one of the few people in this country who remembers who Jeff Sessions is.

ROLLINS: Well, unfortunately I am. And it’s dereliction of duty again.

DOBBS: Yes. Well, I -- there are a lot of SLBs I’d like to get to before him to be honest. Most of them either associated with or formally associated with the Justice Department, the FBI, and yes, there are a few who chair committees now in the House of Representatives and quite a few who are ranking members of the Senate. But that’s all -- that’s the only hint I’m going to give you. Gentlemen, thanks so much.

ROLLINS: Thank you.

DOBBS: Appreciate it. Coming up next, California sanctuary state laws have filled classrooms with illegal immigrants. They are running over. And now the state teachers are striking because they want -- that’s right, fewer students in their classes. You got to love the left. Former Trump campaign manager, Cory Lewandowski joins me right after these messages. Stay with us.


DOBBS: As the national left-wing media and the radical Dems continue to push the incredible nonsense, the false narrative of Trump Russia collusion. Yes, they’re still pushing that nonsense.

Maybe we should ask a couple of questions, so let’s go. Why is it that no one at the FBI has investigated former FBI director James Comey or Andrew McCabe for what looks like the conduct of double agents at the FBI? Do those at the FBI also forget it was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who is actually the one who called for Comey to be fired? He’s got to be a double agent, don’t you think? Maybe triple. Why was there no collusion investigation when former President Obama’s administration aligned itself with Iran gifting a $150 billion clearing the way for Iran’s nuclear weapon development? The largest state sponsor of terror in the world. A big old kiss from the Obama administration nuclear style. And who could forget Obama’s 2012 meeting with in Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

DMITRY MEDVEDEV, FORMER PRIME MINISTER, RUSSIA: I understand, I’ll transfer this information to Vladimir.


DOBBS: They touched and they understood. Why didn’t anyone in the FBI start investigating President Obama for collusion? Ignoring his obvious reach out to the Russians. Why did the concern counterintelligence agents within the FBI not open an investigation into one of Russia’s greatest benefactors namely Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? She was responsible remember for that reset of Russia relations. All is forgiven, let’s start anew, she said.

Manoeuvring the sale of a fifth of U.S. uranium assets to Russia who in turn laundered a $150 million into the Clinton Foundation in what became known as the Uranium One scandal. No investigation ensued and that raises the question just how many agents within the Department of Justice and the FBI, how many officials colluded with Russia and acting full-time against the interest of the United States? That leads us to our question of the evening, are any of these suggested possible instances of collusion by the Clintons, President Obama and their allies and facilitators in the deep state, the Justice Department and the FBI, how is our -- how is that any more preposterous than those directed now by the radical Dems and the National left-wing media at the current president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump? I would like to hear your thoughts. Cast your vote on Twitter @LouDobbs.

Joining me now former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Corey, great to have you with us and I couldn’t resist it. I mean, this is such junk journalism. It is such specious nonsense spewed by the Democrats against a sitting president. I couldn’t help but have a little fun with the evidence -- you know, without filtering that already exists about Democratic collusion with the Russians, what do you think?

COREY LEWANDOWSKI, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Well, Lou, I’m shocked. Shocked by this news that the mainstream media is going after Donald Trump for having a conversation with Russia.

Look, let’s talk about this just for one second. The Washington Post did not cover Bezos’ divorce, right, with his paramour, they didn’t cover that. But they want to make up this story about an investigation that the FBI wants.

DOBBS: Wait a minute, Bezos getting a divorce?

LEWANDOWSKI: This is new news. Right, of course, you won’t read about it in The Washington Post. You won’t read about it in The New York Times.

DOBBS: I wonder who would get control of the Washington Post, him or his wife? It’s a community property state Washington, right?

LEWANDOWSKI: Well, I think his wife is going to get all the assets because if you’ve read the text messages they’re pretty outrageous, so you’ll see them.

But look, Lou, when the investigation was supposedly opened by the FBI -- do you know who opened that investigation? One Andy McCabe who has now been accused of by the I.G. of lying under oath on three separate occasions, he was fired. And who did he turn the investigation over to? One Peter Strzok who became famous for looking into the Clinton e-mail scandal and whose lover Lisa Page had an insurance policy against his present.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that this potentially happened.

DOBBS: I’m not surprised.

LEWANDOWSKI: What we should be surprised is that, there’s no one been accountable at the FBI. Not Jim Baker, not Andy McCabe, not Peters Strzok. No one has been arrested from that organization yet and they should have been perp walk out of there.

DOBBS: Well, as you point out and as we have here numerous times, not a single person retired, resigned, fired, relocated, transferred, dismissed has been held accountable for their actions in attacking the President of the United States through the powers of the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department, it’s stunning. And --

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