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Girl Who Put Her Message in a Bottle Receives Reply from Micronesia

April 10, 1995

CHINO, Calif. (AP) _ Amy Takeuchi didn’t expect much to come of her letter. After all, she put it in a glass bottle and dropped it in the Pacific Ocean.

Although the note didn’t travel fast, it traveled far.

Nearly three years later, Amy got a reply from a 7-year-old boy in Micronesia in the Western Pacific Ocean. The nation of 607 islands is about 6,000 miles from Dana Point, southwest of Los Angeles, where Amy tossed her bottled message into the surf.

``I was surprised,″ the 12-year-old said. ``I thought no one was ever going to find it, or if someone did, it would only be in Dana Point.″

Amy’s new pen pal is Loyola Mallamai, whose airmail letter was postmarked March 17.

``Greetings from the island of Mogmog,″ Loyola wrote with the help of his mother, Jacinta. ``I found your letter, which drifted from California or Chino to the island of Song, last weekend.

``I went with my daddy net fishing around the small island, and I found your letter,″ the first-grader wrote.

Loyola also wrote about his siblings and included a picture of himself sitting in his room next to a portable stereo.

``He’s a cute little guy,″ said Amy’s mother, Linda.

Last month, a 14-year-old New Jersey girl joined five of her friends in attaching their names to a note that was bottled and heaved into the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Hatteras, N.C. She received a reply from an 11-year-old boy in northwest France.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Mass., said Hatteras is one of the few places where the 4,000-mile warm-water Gulf Stream current comes within a few yards of the coast.

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