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Soviet Protocol Chief Traveling With Gorbachev Stayed Behind For Treatment

August 19, 1990

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) _ The Soviet Union’s chief of protocol, traveling in the United States with Mikhail Gorbachev in June, remained behind for several weeks to treat a heart condition, a hospital said Saturday.

Vladimir Shermyshev, 61, was admitted to Merritt Peralta Medical Center on June 11, discharged two days later and remained in the San Francisco Bay area for about two weeks before returning to the U.S.S.R., a hospital spokeswoman said.

The hospital did not announce Shermyshev’s stay at the time because of ″security reasons,″ said spokeswoman Gerrie Shields.

Shermyshev, who arrived in the Bay area with Gorbachev’s entourage on June 3, had been advised by his doctors to have heart bypass surgery. He sought a second opinion from Dr. Nilas Young, a heart surgeon at Merritt Peralta.

Young was known to Soviet doctors for his involvement in a program by local doctors to help set up a children’s cardiac center in Leningrad. Soviet doctors currently are incapable of surgery on children born with heart conditions.

Shermyshev underwent cardiac catheterization, a testing procedure in which dye is fed into the arteries, and doctors here decided he didn’t need surgery, Shields said.

She said she believed Shermyshev stayed at the residence of the Soviet consul general in San Francisco when he wasn’t in the hospital.

Calls to the consul Saturday were not answered.

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