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Vandals Blamed In New Orleans Area Grave Robbings

April 18, 1989

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ Vandals smashed their way into above-ground crypts and stole heads from two bodies.

The cemetery is near Violet, where residents a few weeks ago found a mutilated animal and reported seeing people dressed in black walking into the woods late at night.

But Peggy Poche, of the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office, said no evidence was found of satanic worship when the vandalism was discovered. ″It looks like what it is - vandalism by kids,″ Poche said Monday.

Cemetery workers found the open crypts Sunday. Cinder blocks sealing one tomb were removed, the coffin was smashed and the skull of a man buried in 1976 was removed.

Cinder blocks had been removed from another tomb and the head and neck of a man who died 20 years ago had been pulled out.

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