4. Yoeli Childs dunk

December 14, 2018

4. Where does the thunderous one-handed throwdown Cougar forward Yoeli Childs had against Utah rank in your all-time BYU dunks list?

LLOYD: It’s definitely near the top, in my opinion. Childs got such elevation, going up high and then swinging through the hammer against a 7-foot defender who I originally thought was going to meet him at the high point. In many ways, it reminded me of the most glorious recent times for Cougar hoops, when Jimmer Fredette would attack the baseline and -- as the defense sucked in -- he would flip it to Brandon Davies who would be coming like an avalanche down from the free throw line for monster dunks. But the fact that Childs’s dunk came against Utah and brought such a big momentum boost made it one that I’m going to remember for a long time.

DICKSON: I kind of feel like Childs does about his own dunks: These are college players and that’s what they do. I know Trent Plaisted has some pretty impressive dunks, but he is 6-foot-11. It’s more impressive to see the Mike Hall dunk against Air Force back in the day, or Childs follow dunk as a freshman against BYU-Hawaii. Let’s just call his dunk against Utah the most impressive for now and move on to getting back to the NCAA Tournament.

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