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Canadian Soldiers Reportedly Raided Princess Margaret’s Hotel Room

October 16, 1995

TORONTO (AP) _ A former member of Canada’s disgraced and disbanded Airborne Regiment says he and fellow commandos ransacked a royal suite during Princess Margaret’s visit to Quebec City in 1980.

Danny Pelletier told the Toronto Sun that the soldiers, wearing civilian clothing over military uniforms, eluded sentries on guard for the Queen’s sister, and scaled the outside of the mammoth, castle-like Chateau Frontenac hotel.

Once inside, the men stole a watch, a small camera, gold cutlery and some women’s dresses ``to prove we were there,″ he was quoted as saying in today’s edition.

Other squadron escapades included trashing a Cyprus disco in 1981 and beating up patrons after one member of the regiment was assaulted by a Greek civilian, Pelletier told the newspaper.

Pelletier also said he and other Airborne soldiers broke into the Chalk River nuclear facility in northern Ontario in the early 1980s.

Pelletier may be called to testify before a federal hearing into the Airborne’s ill-fated 1992-93 tour of duty in Somalia. The regiment was disbanded after it was learned of their actions there, including the torture-slaying of a Somali teen-ager.

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