City of Florence cautions on Friday garbage collection

September 13, 2018

FLORENCE, SC – The Sanitation Division is running regular curbside collection services today, Thursday. For Friday, the Sanitation schedule is dependent upon weather conditions associated with Hurricane Florence. If the winds associated with the Hurricane are below tropical force, Sanitation crews shall make every effort to collect the Friday schedule.

We have been notified by Waste Management that the solid waste transfer station will close at noon Thursday. The closure of this station will limit Sanitation services through the remainder of this week.

Due to the closure of the transfer station, we are advising that all residential customers be prepared to double bag their garbage and store in a secure area. DO NOT PLACE BAGGED GARBAGE IN ANY LOCATION THAT IMPEDES THE FLOW OF STORM WATER FROM PRIVATE OR PUBLIC PROPERTY.


For the safety of our employees, crews will not be permitted to perform normal operations when tropical force winds are occurring. City officials suggest the following “house-keeping” preparations:

Only place garbage in your city rollcart (no excess bagged garbage outside of rollcart) for the Friday route. If we do experience tropical force winds, please remove your rollcart from the street and place in a secure area.ALL debris should be secured at all residential properties so that it does not impede storm water flow or block stormwater catch basins.Prepare in the event garbage cannot be collected and double bag your garbage securing it in a garage or in an area next to your residence that is most protected from windResidents are requested to clear front, back and side yards of ANY debris that could possibly float and eventually obstruct water flow in our storm water drains and outfalls to include, but not limited to, toys, yard debris, garbage, etc.

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