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A glance at where migrants head, in Europe and elsewhere

September 4, 2015

BRUSSELS (AP) — Europe is struggling to manage its worst refugee emergency since World War II, but that’s nothing to the numbers that Syria’s neighbors are forced to cope with.

Here are the latest estimates of where the unprecedented wave of people is, based on official figures:


According to the International Organization for Migration, the world’s leading inter-governmental migration agency:

Italy: 116,649 migrant arrivals this year

Greece: 245,274

Spain: 2,166

Malta: 94

Hungary’s foreign minister said Friday that more than 163,000 migrants had arrived on its territory up until September. Many of these migrants first landed in Greece then took the Balkans route north to Hungary.


By contrast, according to the U.N. refugee agency, more than 4 million Syrians alone are being hosted in that country’s neighbors. This includes:

Turkey: 1,938,999

Lebanon: 1,113,941

Jordan: 629,245

Egypt: 132,375

Many Iraqi and Afghan migrants are also in these countries.

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