Two teens use spring break to clean up neighborhood

March 29, 2019

HUNTINGTON — When you drive into the Westview Avenue neighborhood in Huntington, you can see the daffodils popping up a little better thanks to two local teens who took time out of their spring break to clean up the garbage that had accumulated over the winter.

And they still had enough time to squeeze in hours of video games and bike rides.

Jaysean and Javon Goodrich have picked up garbage in their Westview Avenue neighborhood for four or five years, maybe a little longer than that.

Jaysean, 17, is a student at Huntington High School and Javon, 14, goes to Huntington Middle School. They both enjoy playing basketball, and Jaysean said he also likes to rollerblade.

This week, they spent a couple of hours cleaning up the neighborhood and ended up with about five large bags of trash.

“We’ve been picking up trash for a long time, and we just like our street looking good,” Jaysean said.

Their dad, Jon Goodrich, 53, and their aunt helped, too. It’s a family affair, and Jon Goodrich said his sons want to clean up the area, which he encourages. He said the boys ask every year when they’re going to go pick up trash.

“We do it because we have pride in our area,” Jon Goodrich said.

And so, twice a year — once at the beginning of spring and once at the

end of summer — the family does a clean sweep of the neighborhood.

Occasionally, when Jaysean or Javon stumble upon a garbage hot spot between their regular pickups, they will do a quick cleanup. The boys said they feel better when they look back on the areas they’ve cleaned, simply because it looks better.

The whole family said they hope more people start tidying up across the city.

“I think everyone in Huntington should pick up trash, so it wouldn’t look the way it does now,” Jaysean said.

The Goodrich family might get their wish. This year, the #trashtag social media challenge has called on people globally to pick up their neighborhoods, streets, rivers, creeks and parks, and thousands have posted their hauls on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Though the Goodrich family doesn’t need a hashtag to motivate them, Jon Goodrich said he hopes it takes off.

And Jaysean has a message for those who litter: “It’s bull crap. I ain’t putting up with it.”

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