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Grandmother Watching TV Bitten by a Snake

January 24, 2006

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ Talk about unwanted house guests. A 78-year-old Australian woman was rushed to a hospital after she was bitten by a 5-foot snake _ one of the world’s deadliest varieties _ while watching television in her suburban home, a newspaper reported Monday.

Valerie Makin, a great-grandmother from the southern city of Melbourne, was sitting on her couch knitting and watching television when she saw the unwanted visitor out of the corner of her eye, the Melbourne Sun newspaper reported on its online edition.

As she tried to flick it away, it sank its fangs into her left arm, the paper said.

``She never even raised her voice,″ said Makin’s daughter, Janice Milinkovic, who was in her bedroom when her mother came in and said she had been bitten.

``I got off the bed and I saw it slither off the couch and that’s when I knew she wasn’t (joking),″ she added.

Makin was rushed to a nearby hospital, but she did not suffer any poisoning because the snake’s fangs only punctured the skin and the venom did not enter her bloodstream, the newspaper said.

The creature _ known as a brown snake _ crawled under the couch where it remained until a pest control inspector removed it from the house, the report said.

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