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Wallet Lost in 1957 Found

June 10, 2000

DOWNEY, Calif. (AP) _ Alma Sue Grieshaber has probably written off that wallet by now. After all, she lost it during the Eisenhower adminstration.

A construction company worker found the wallet while doing rehabilitation work on Los Angeles County Police headquarters in Downey.

Officials with the department, which patrols county facilities like parks and hospitals, say a thief apparently wedged the wallet between a cast-iron sink and a wall in the men’s bathroom in 1957. Police moved into the building several years ago, Sgt. Tony Brookins said.

Despite 40 years of life in a bathroom, the wallet is in good shape, Brookins said. It held Grieshaber’s driver’s license, Social Security card, photos of children and a check for $107 written to her.

County police have determined that Grieshaber’s husband died in 1974, but they haven’t been able to track down her or her kin.

If Grieshaber is still alive, she’s 94 years old, Brookins said.

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