Richard Quatman: Are we all Americans or what?

February 15, 2019

Editor: If we are all Americans then shouldn’t we be happy about a healthy economy, tax cuts, more jobs, low unemployment, rising wages, trade deficit improvements, better healthcare for veterans, fighting terrorism, NATO countries paying more of their shares so we pay less, etc., etc., regardless of who’s making these and other good things possible? Aren’t these positive improvements good for the people and the country? There would be even more good things happening if we could all just work together and quit fighting and obstructing at every turn, for strictly political purposes. It should be about what is best for the people and the country, not political parties or the politicians (who, by the way, are actually supposed to be working for we the people). So look positively at these good things that have been happening and don’t buy into all that negative hateful rhetoric going on out there. And may God bless our great nation!

Richard Quatman

Lake Havasu City