Pelosi wins Democratic nomination for speaker

November 28, 2018

Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday moved a step closer to securing another stint as speaker of the House, winning over enough of her Democratic colleagues to set up final vote on the House floor next month that will serve as the last chance for her foes to stop the most powerful woman in U.S. politics.

Mrs. Pelosi easily surpassed the simple majority she needed to win, capturing 203 votes. Thirty-two Democrats voted no, while 3 ballots were returned blank and another lawmaker was absent.

The next test for Mrs. Pelosi comes on the floor of the House on Jan. 3, when she needs 218 votes to win the job.

“I think it looks very good for her now,” said Rep. Brian Higgins of New York, who recently threw his support behind Mrs. Pelosi after she agreed to advance legislation of importance to him.

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