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Bryce Dallas Howard always ‘thanks’ the set after filming

By CelebretainmentMay 19, 2019

Bryce Dallas Howard always “thanks” the set when she finishes work on a movie.

The ‘Rocketman’ actress admitted she can be superstitious and follows a regular ritual whenever filming has wrapped, as well as having the traditional actor’s avoidance of uttering the title of Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth’.

Asked if she has any on-set superstitions, she told Total Film: “I don’t say the Scottish play. I won’t say that word.

“I also thank every set before I leave. People don’t notice I do it. I’m very stealth.

“But before I leave a set, what you’ll see is that I just stand there and look around. Then you’ll see me kiss my hand and press it to the wall. Just me being like, ‘Thank you.’ ”

The 38-year-old actress has made an effort to keep away from her phone when she’s working - but it means she now has to take “absolutely everything” else on set with her.

She admitted: ”[I take] absolutely everything! I’ve always had this problem. The one thing I don’t take is my phone. I really try to minimize the amount of time I’m on it when I’m on set. It changes everything.

“Because I don’t have my phone, that means I have to bring a library, entertainment, food to sustain me for days and days.

“It’s ridiculous. I try to keep it analogue and not digital. I’ll bring a backpack. Usually a purse, but sometimes I’ll bring a roller case.”

Howard revealed she always kicks off her day’s filming with a “big breakfast” while sitting in the make-up chair.

She said: “People often go to their trailer but I like to go straight into the make-up chair. I have my breakfast while I’m there. That’s the first thing I do... I don’t really like to say too much at lunch, but I like to eat a really big breakfast for that reason.

“When I was doing ‘Rocketman’, pretty much every day started with gluten-free crumpets. Oh my gosh, the crumpets! I can’t get gluten-free crumpets here in the States. Sometimes I see if they have any green juice, or, if my energy is getting low, I graze by the gummies.”

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