Candidate Q&A: 1st Congressional District

July 30, 2018
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Nick Polce

Randy Bryce

Party: Democratic

Age: 53

Address: 4940 Chester Lane, Caledonia

Family: Divorced, one son

Job: Ironworker

Political experience: Political coordinator for IronWorkers Local 8, DPW Veteran’s Caucus chair, past candidate for state Senate and state Assembly

Other public service: President of Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Army veteran

Education: Rufus King High School graduate

Website: randybryceforcongress.com

Cathy Myers

Party: Democratic

Age: 56

Address: 521 Cornelia St., Janesville

Family: Single mom with two kids

Job: 24-year veteran public high school teacher

Political experience: Elected to the Janesville School Board in 2013 and re-elected in 2016

Other public service: Graduate and supporter of Emerge Wisconsin, member of the city of Janesville Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Appointments, member of the National Education Association, Zonta International, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, NAACP, Voces de la Frontera, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Education: Graduated from Westminster College with a bachelor’s degree in English; the University of Iowa with a master’s degree in secondary English education; and Walden University with a master’s degree in integrating technology in the classroom.

Website: www.cathymyersforcongress.com

Paul Nehlen

Party: Republican

Age: 49

Address: 2520 Countryside Drive, Delavan

Family: Wife Gabriela, two sons

Job: CEO Blue Skies Global LLC, American-designed, American-built engineered equipment

Political experience: 2016 GOP congressional candidate

Other public service: Williams Bay Lion’s Club member; former advisory board member, Operation Homefront; sponsor of Safe Place Women’s Shelter

Education: Engineering undergrad, MBA

Website: electnehlen.com

Nick Polce

Party: Republican

Age: 39

Address: 672 West Main St. #491, Lake Geneva

Family: Married, one son

Job: Small-business owner

Political experience: None

Other public service: 11.5 years, U.S. Army

Education: BA, business and economics; MA, national security studies

Website: www.nickpolceforcongress.com

Bryan Steil

Party: Republican

Age: 37

Address: 1818 Milton Ave. #1448, Janesville

Family: I grew up in Janesville in a family of six and a large extended family. I am not married.

Job: Charter NEX Films, a plastics manufacturer in Milton

Political experience: This is my first run for public office

Other public service: University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents; past chair and member, Janesville Community Foundation

Education: UW-Madison, Georgetown University

Website: steilforwisconsin.com


Name three legislative proposals, either introduced by others or that you would introduce, for which you would advocate if elected to Congress.

Bryce: When I get to Congress, I will make sure we pass Medicare For All, because our current healthcare system does not work for working families.

I will support the Butch-Lewis Act because the pensions that hardworking union members have paid into their entire careers are in grave jeopardy. Many retirees have already seen their monthly payments cut by a third or more.

The Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act (“Off Act”) puts environmental and economic justice at the heart of an ambitious road map to a fossil-free economy. The Off Act would create tens of thousands of jobs, focusing especially in disadvantaged communities.

Myers: My top priority is Medicare for All because it will save American lives, reduce our overall health care spending and reduce costs for small businesses.

I support banning military-style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, universal background checks, and closing the loopholes that allow perpetrators of domestic abuse to get a gun.

Climate change is destroying our environment and threatening our natural resources. I support transitioning our economy to 100 percent clean energy by 2035, but I will immediately co-sponsor a bipartisan bill to address climate change by implementing a carbon fee and dividend.

Nehlen: We need a federal law prohibiting censorship of lawful speech on major social media platforms. ... The bedrock of American society is freedom of speech. Social media companies have usurped this freedom, and we intend to give it back to the American people.

We need a federal law prohibiting dual-citizens from holding elected or appointed offices, or temporary or permanent hired positions in America’s federal, state, or local bureaucracy or in America’s military.

National Reciprocity for concealed carry, allowing anyone permitted to carry a concealed firearm in their home state to carry it in any other.

Polce: Introduce legislation to change how the tax code treats health insurance to increase individual freedom and control so that we can begin to drive down costs.

End The Use Of Omnibus Bills. Force Congress to follow the 1974 Budget Act and bring each appropriations bill for an up or down vote instead of lumping all the appropriation bills into one massive spending bill.

Introduce a Joint Resolution to add an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will term limit members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.

Steil: In Congress, I’ll use my background working for Wisconsin manufacturers to fight for legislation that cuts needless government regulations and creates high-wage jobs. We also need to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow. I’ll use my experience serving on the UW Board of Regents, where I voted to keep tuition frozen, to support high quality, affordable education in our high schools, technical schools and universities. Lastly, I’ll work to lower the cost of health care by putting individuals and doctors in control while protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions.

What would you bring to Congress that distinguishes you from your primary opponents?

Bryce: I am a U.S. Army veteran, cancer survivor and union ironworker. I joined the race for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District because I know firsthand how working people have struggled, and I want to ensure that the middle class is represented in D.C. again. Currently, over half of our representatives in Congress are millionaires, and I believe that working people need a voice in politics.

Myers: I’ve raised my two kids as a single mother, so I understand the challenges that working people face and how it’s becoming harder and harder to make ends meet. I’ve been elected twice and have served as a member of the Janesville School Board since 2013, so I know how to balance a budget, build nonpartisan coalitions, and find creative ways to benefit all of my constituents with limited resources.

Nehlen: Having nearly 20,000 employees across America and around the globe running divisions of Fortune 500 companies over a successful 30-plus year career affords me great depth and breadth of understanding of domestic and international issues important to Wisconsin’s residents.

Polce: Two things distinguish me from others running in this election. The first is my life experiences. I am a U.S. Army Green Beret combat veteran with multiple overseas deployments.

I also have been a small business owner. I know firsthand the effects of the decisions our elected and unelected officials make when it comes to the laws they pass and rules and regulations they draft.

As a student of history, I have a historical understanding of the Constitution and the role that is supposed to play in our lives. The federal government has moved far away from its role as outlined in the Constitution.

Steil: I was born and raised in southeast Wisconsin. I have worked for Rock County manufacturers for the last nine years solving problems and moving products in and out of the door every day. I currently serve on the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents, where I voted to maintain a tuition freeze so that students across Wisconsin have access to affordable and high-quality education. My experience in the private sector and work on education policy has uniquely prepared me to serve the people of southeast Wisconsin.

Why are you the best candidate to win the general election for your party?

Bryce: Since we launched our campaign 13 months ago, we have received unprecedented support from both across the district and across the county. Hard-working voters everywhere know that we need someone to speak up and advocate for us in D.C. I am ready to do that on day one. We have built a strong campaign thanks to countless supporters. Our field team has been in full operation since April and we have spoken to more voters at the doors, on the phones, through television ads and social media than any other campaign in this race, Republican or Democrat. Through hard work and strong organizing, we know we can flip southeast Wisconsin blue.

Myers: I’m the best candidate to win in November because I’ve been elected twice while my primary opponent has lost three times in this district. The Democratic nominee will face $10 million or more worth of big money attack ads. Republicans will have to lie about me, but they will only need to tell the truth about my primary opponent. He started the campaign with a nearly two-year child support and 13-year unpaid court judgment and has been arrested nine times. He probably has good explanations for most of those things, but the attack ads would write themselves if he is the nominee.

Nehlen: I’ll fight harder for America First than any other candidate, as demonstrated in this Republican primary.

Polce: I bring private sector experience as a small business owner and military experience from the Special Forces community. I am a constitutional conservative. ... I am the best candidate not just to win for the Republican Party, but to also represent the great Americans that live in the 1st District regardless of party affiliation. The role of an elected official is to lead. Leaders put the interests of those they lead ahead of their own. For far too long, we have sent members of Congress to Washington who do not work for us.

Steil: I was born and raised in Janesville and I have a Wisconsin style of solving problems. Working for Rock County manufacturers for the past nine years, I know the value of hard work. That’s why I support lower taxes, so the hard-working people of southeast Wisconsin can keep more of their own money. I’ll also work to lower health care costs by putting individuals and doctors in control rather than the government. I’ll take my private sector experience to Washington because Washington needs more problem solvers.

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