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Reagan Orders US Workers to Use Seat Belts

September 26, 1986

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Reagan, trying to reduce injuries to government workers, ordered the 4.2 million federal civilian and military employees Friday to use safety belts in cars and trucks while on the job.

″Each federal employee occupying the front seat of a motor vehicle on official business, whose seat is equipped with a safety belt, shall have the safety belt properly fastened at all times when the vehicle is in motion,″ Reagan said in an executive order.

He stipulated that the Defense Department should implement the order as well.

″The estimated annual cost to federal, state and local governments as a result of auto accidents is $11 billion,″ Reagan said in an executive order.

He said that on-the-job use of safety belts by federal workers would ″reduce human pain and suffering, set an example for the private sector and reduce the burden on the taxpayers caused by motor vehicle accidents.″

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