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Rocky Marciano Highlighted in May

April 6, 1999

NEW YORK (AP) _ Rocky Marciano and linguine were the most popular items at a restaurant in Little Italy today.

May will be ``Rocky Marciano Month″ on Showtime, the cable-TV network, which will debut ``Rocky Marciano,″ its film about the heavyweight champion of the 1950s who retired with his title and unbeaten record intact.

Former middleweight champion Jake LaMotta was on hand to talk about the film, which will make its debut May 15.

LaMotta said one of Marciano’s most memorable fights was his eighth-round knockout of Joe Louis in 1951.

``It was Louis’ last fight, and I hated to see what happened to him,″ said LaMotta. ``He was one of my favorites.

``He must have been Marciano’s, too, because afterwards, Rock cried in the dressing room.″

Asked if he ever gave Marciano advice, LaMotta responded, ``Yeah, I told him to save his money. He must have listened to me because he buried his money in tin cans and nobody ever never found them.″

What happened to his money has been part of the lore about Marciano, who was killed in a plane crash 30 years ago.

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