President Bush was the model of diplomacy when it came to handicapping Sunday's Super Bowl.

Asked by CBS Sports' Jim Nantz to guess the outcome of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants, the president said, ``I just don't know. I can't predict. I think close, low-scoring, and I'm just not sure.''

The former governor of Texas and one-time owner of major league baseball's Texas Rangers said Baltimore's proximity to the White House didn't sway him.

``I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan and will be a Houston Texans fan,'' he said, referring to the expansion team that will join the NFL in 2002.

Bush said he watched some of the NFL playoffs and would tune in to Sunday's game.

``I'm associated with the baseball world but I love football as well and I can't remember missing any Super Bowls,'' he said in the taped interview, aired about an hour before kickoff.

When Nantz asked if the Super Bowl might be as tight as the recent presidential election, Bush laughed.

``Nothing can be that close,'' Bush said. ``I think it may depend upon a dangling field goal.''