Local outdoor enthusiasts look toward a positive future for trail system in Payson

March 16, 2019

In January of this year, local outdoor enthusiasts from Payson met with Mayor William Wright and City Councilman, Doug Welton, to discuss the future of a mountain bike trail system at the base of Payson Canyon known as Four Bay.

This eight-mile trail system that was created by Provo City fire fighter, Carey Pierce, has trailheads beginning three miles up Payson Canyon and east of the Maple Dell Scout Camp. The trails wind in and out of trees, up over hills, through brush and open spaces, and have been a favorite to locals for 15 years. Even so, much of the area is owned by Payson, with a few sections crossing over into privately owned land that Pierce has now received permission to build trails on.

Due to where the trail system is located, it has always been on uneven ground regarding its future. With Payson officials often tossing around the idea of selling it to developers, Pierce and other locals who enjoy this system yearround have worked tirelessly to educate officials about the area, and its benefit to the community.

“We’ve always known there was a possibility that the land would be developed, but have done our best to create an area that not only benefits the outdoor community, but something the city can be proud of,” Pierce said.

And according to Pierce, when Mayor Wright and Councilman Welton were shown the area, they agreed that the trail system was worth keeping.

“When the two were shown what we have done out here, they both agreed we had something special,” Pierce said. “The city is in the process of rebranding itself, and showcasing our great outdoors may very well be a part of that plan.”

Locals like Matt Stuart couldn’t be more happy that at least for now, Four Bay will remain an area to ride his bike.

“I can not adequately express what Four Bay means to me,” he said. “The work Carey has put into the trails is difficult to describe as trail building is extremely hard work. Every time I join a trail maintenance day, I am reminded of the countless hours he has spent for the Benefit of the community.”

It is largely due to the support from locals who not only enjoy the trails, but who take time to adopt a trail or trails, that Four Bay is able to be the great place it is. Even Pierce, who has spent countless hours building and maintaining the system, acknowledges and appreciates the help he receives.

“It’s amazing to see locals give of their time to improve the trail system,” Pierce said. “It’s efforts like these and the continued responsible use of the trails that help the cause in the long-term as we look toward the future of Four Bay.”