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Huge Dome Over Waste Site Collapses

January 3, 1990

PORTER, N.Y. (AP) _ A dome billed by its owners as the world’s largest air-supported structure, covering 14.1 acres, has collapsed onto the toxic waste dump construction site it was supposed to protect.

The dome’s owners said it could be days before they know why it collapsed. ″Anything I said now would be only speculation,″ said general manager John Stanulonis of CWM Chemical Services Inc.

The 90-ton dome was inflated Monday morning but collapsed Tuesday.

The dome, 120 feet high, 450 feet wide and 1,365 feet long, was intended to provide round-the-clock shelter for workers and equipment building a toxic- waste landfill in this northern Niagara County town. CWM claimed it was the world’s largest air-supported structure.

Stanulonis said the collapse left the work site inoperable and he did not know how long it would be before construction could resume.