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Families of Two Models, Vanished A Year Ago, Have Questions About Suspect

February 24, 1985

MIAMI (AP) _ It has been a year since two young models disappeared without a trace, and even though the man suspected in the cases is dead, their families and law enforcement authorities haven’t given up trying to find them.

Rosario Gonzalez, 20, vanished after she distributed aspirin samples to spectators at the Miami Grand Prix a year ago this weekend. Beth Kenyon, 23, was last seen a few days later at a Coral Gables gas station.

Christopher Wilder, an amateur race car driver and Boynton Beach business man suspected of abducting or killing a total of 13 women in a cross-country spree, died last April while struggling for a gun with a state trooper in Colebrook, N.H.

While law officers continue to search for the missing women, Haydee Gonzalez will think about the wedding that was planned for her daughter last June and Delores Kenyon will talk about the bedroom filled with her daughter’s unused belongings.

″It has been a year and we still cry,″ said Mrs. Kenyon, of Pompano Beach.

″Whatever has happened we will accept as God’s way. But we need to know what happened,″ echoed Mrs. Gonzalez, of Miami.

The Gonzalez family has gone as far as Mexico City looking for Rosario. Over the weekend, they went to the Miami Grand Prix distributing 10,000 flyers with her photograph on them.

The Kenyons call the FBI each week to see what is happening with their daughter’s case. They also have spent thousands of dollars on three different private detective agencies and have followed a psychic’s advice and searched underbrush as far away as Alabama for their daughter.

The FBI and police still follow any plausible lead or clue.

″Leads still come in. We still follow them,″ said Miami police Detective Harvey Wasserman. ″But so far nothing has worked out.″

″It’s very much an ongoing investigation. We are piecing together the Wilder puzzle,″ FBI spokesman Joe Del Campo said. ″In the case of Mr. Wilder, there could be victims from years in the past that we don’t know about yet.″

Of the 13 women Wilder is believed to have abducted, six were killed, four escaped and three are still missing. Those missing are Miss Kenyon, Miss Gonzalez and Colleen Orsborne, 15, who disappeared from Daytona Beach on March 15, 1984.

FBI agents are following Wilder back in time along a trail of credit card, telephone and other traceable records. Del Campo said agents will compare each stop in Wilder’s past to any unsolved crimes that involve the abduction, rape or killing of young, attractive women.

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