Eagle with 8-foot wingspan crashes into Alaska home

May 9, 2019

KODIAK, Alaska — Many are familiar with uninvited guests unexpectedly crashing at the house, but an eagle took such a scenario to new heights in Kodiak.

An eagle grabbed a piece of freezer-burned halibut that someone had thrown out, and apparently misjudged its climb up a cliff with the 4-pound piece of fish while likely being chased by another eagle, the Kodiak Daily Mirror reported Tuesday.

The wrong trajectory led the eagle to smash through a front window of Stacy Studebaker’s home Saturday.

She was astonished to find the damage came from a bird crashing through her window.

She opened a door in the kitchen and tried to coax the eagle out of the house but the bird had a different idea.

A neighbor showed up, and they tried again to get the eagle outside.

Eventually they maneuvered behind the bird and were able to get it out of the house, which took her and her husband hours to clean up.

Except for some blood around the beak, the eagle didn’t appear to be inured.