City should drop cenotaph vendetta -- Barbara Shoemake

September 20, 2018

After months of following the Confederate Rest controversy, I decided I needed to see for myself how this monument could be ” contrary to the general welfare of the city of Madison.

So I braved the mosquitoes, found Forest Hills Cemetery and managed to find the plot despite it being tucked away in a teeny corner of the cemetery. It really is a very small plot, with only the headstones and the small but tasteful cenotaph.

I can not understand why Mayor Paul Soglin persists in his quest to remove the monument, and I doubt 1 in 1,000 people in Madison even know where it is, much less have ever seen it. If the city leaders in 1902 allowed the cenotaph to be placed there, at a time when the pain and waste of the Civil War was still raw, that subsequent city leaders could let it be and focus their efforts on more pressing matters.

Please drop this puzzling vendetta and let the dead rest in peace.

Barbara Shoemake, Fitchburg

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