The past 100 years, April 8, 2019

April 8, 2019

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

April 8, 1919: American Tank To Visit Santa Fe On Victory Loan Drive

Twelve Iron Monsters Which Helped Licked Heinie Sent Out From Kansas City.

The people of many sections of the southwest will have an opportunity to see one of the tanks that were used effectively by the Americans and their allies in forcing the Germans to surrender.

… One of these tanks will stop at Santa Fe so the people here at home may have an opportunity to see the real machine about which the boys over there have been writing.

April 8, 1969: Sunday liquor sales appear to have slipped into 31 of New Mexico’s counties, all but Roosevelt, almost without anyone noticing.

Gov. David Cargo had asked Atty. Gen. James Maloney for an opinion before signing a bill Monday to permit the sale of liquor on Sundays in three counties. Maloney said a bill signed last week already permits Sunday liquor sales after July 1 in 31 counties.

Cargo indicated he believed the local option bill signed Monday would supersede the earlier bill, but Maloney said that point might have to be decided in the courts.

April 8, 1994: Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo told a group of Realtors Thursday that she would like to see them fight to keep city residents in their houses rather than sell those homes to newcomers.

“We don’t need new fund raising for museums. We need to help people stay in this community,” Jaramillo told about 200 members of the Santa Fe Association of Realtors.

Although Jaramillo appeared cautious when she first approached the group, she was soon met with applause and praise from some of those in attendance.

“I know this isn’t the Debbie Jaramillo fan club,” Jaramillo said near the end of her presentation. “But I know I have a few.”