Narcan training offered at Frontline Foundation

September 27, 2018

LA PORTE — The public was offered training on how to use Narcan, as well as education on opioid addiction, on Tuesday at Frontline Foundation in La Porte.

Naloxone, which is the generic name for Narcan, was given out to those who attended free of charge.

Allen Grecula, Director of Clinical Services, opened the training with information about Frontline, which has been in La Porte for three years. They have offices in La Porte and Porter counties and offer outpatient services.

“We provide art, music, cooking and individual counseling for those in need,” Grecula said.

Health Department Health Educator Anne Klute spoke to the public about the dangers, history and treatment options for opioid abusers.

“Addiction is a brain disease,” she said. “The brain is changed by the drugs and these changes can be long lasting. We need to eliminate the stigma surrounding opioid users in order to get them the help they need.”

Klute described how opioids and Naloxone work, stating that receptors on the brain wait for the drug to come along after dependence, and, after the user has taken the drug, the effects can be immediately reversed by the administration of Naloxone even if the person is unconscious.

Narcan comes in three different types. These include intranasal, intravenous and intramuscular. The type given at the training course was intranasal. The expiration date for Narcan is about two years.

After Narcan is administered, it may cause the person to go into withdrawal like symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, sweating, body aches, fever and raised blood pressure. 911 should be immediately contacted after administration.

The average price of Naloxone ranges from $95 to $150, and can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription at participating pharmacies. These include Meijer, CVS, Walgreens, Phil’s Drugs and Kroger in La Porte county.

La Porte County does not have any facilities for detox, as patients are sent away for treatment. However, there are two recovery homes, Duneshouse in Michigan City and Worthy Women’s Recovery in La Porte, who offer assistance and counseling. Indiana is ranked the ninth highest for written prescription pain pills. One out of 109 Hoosiers have received a prescription.

The event was sponsored by the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, who provided the intranasal spray and lunch for attendees.

The Frontline Foundation is located at 714 Lincoln Way, La Porte They can be reached by telephone at (219) 728-1638.

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