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Boy Sent Home For Wearing Nose Ring To School

January 5, 1994

WELLINGTON, Texas (AP) _ A high school junior sent home for wearing a nose ring says he will attend a separate class to keep him from distracting other pupils, rather than give up his jewelry.

″I don’t see how they have the right to tell me if I can wear it,″ said Jonathon Skelton. ″It’s not affecting my learning.″

Skelton, who had his nose pierced over the holidays, was sent home from Wellington High School on Monday because the ornament is a distraction, Principal Carl Taylor said.

Skelton said the student handbook only prohibits boys from wearing earrings. Taylor said that’s a technicality: Skelton ″has an earring in his nose.″

Skelton will remain apart from his schoolmates unless he removes the ring, Taylor said Tuesday.

Skelton’s mother, Becky O’Rear, agreed to the arrangement only so her son won’t be ″forced to choose between a nose ring and his diploma.″

″It would simplify my life immensely if he would take the ring out,″ she said. ″But if it was my nose and my ring, I wouldn’t take it out.″