Catholic Charities sees volunteer influx in preparation to receive immigrant families

July 15, 2018

After calling on the community for volunteers and donations, Catholic Charities has received many donated items and seen over 150 people sign up to become volunteers to help immigrant families.

As of Saturday evening, the nonprofit agency, which has a government contract to care for children separated from their families at the border, had not received any immigrant families.

CEO and President J. Antonio Fernandez said that they expected some to show up later in the evening or early Sunday, but he did not know how many to expect or when exactly they would arrive.

“It depends on when the government releases the people,” Fernandez said. “They thought that we were going to have a 100 today but we haven’t had anyone yet, so I don’t know if they’re going to all drop in late at night, like they sometimes do, or they’re just going to do it with only 10 people.”

In all, the nonprofit expects to receive up to 400 families by July 26, the date that a federal judge ordered the government to reunify the separated children with their families.

Fernandez, who said he hadn’t gotten a full night’s sleep since Monday, and Catholic Charities volunteer coordinator Debi Silva said that they’ve received a number of helpful items. However, they still need clothes, money for the families to pay for meals and hotel expenses once they leave the agency, and volunteers.

“We still need more, but we’ve been able to get a lot of donations over the course of today,” Fernandez said. “San Antonio has truly, truly stepped up.”

Donations can be made at its center, 202 W. French Place, or on the nonprofit’s website: https://ccaosa.org/



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