TC Line: Have I Got a Deal for You

September 22, 2018

Let’s make a deal

I tell you what. If you stop hating people that ride bicycles, Boulder, immigrants, the environment, the media, Muslims, black athletes that take a knee, composting, science, protesters and Hillary Clinton, we will stop calling in with mean comments about Trump. Deal?

Judges and politics

We no longer have an independent judiciary. Appointments are controlled by elected politicians based on a person’s political views, not their ability to (make) an independent legal decision.

Food Rescue

I think it’s great that the folks at Longmont Food Rescue are working so hard to get food donations to people who need them, but as a volunteer at the OUR Center, I was really bothered by their attempts to prevent grocery stores from donating to us. Yes, we work in partnership with Community Food Share, but I know for a fact the food collected from area King Soopers, Safeway, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Lucky’s and other stores goes straight to the shelves of the OUR Center’s pantry and frequently home with people who need it, that same day. And how do I know this? Because I am one of the drivers who picks up the donations from the stores, and I help get it onto the shelf ASAP and watch the people choose it and take it home. And I would personally like to thank the stores who do donate to us. So many people rely on our services to help make ends meet, and they’re good people who just need a hand.

Trump voter

In response to a TC Line item in Thursdays paper, headed “An honest question,” (that) says please call in. Yes, I am one of those who voted for Trump for president, but I’m just as appalled as anyone else about his complete “unqualifiedness” to be president and oppose the way he’s handled himself in the presidential office. However, I would have voted for Donald Duck if it would help keep Hillary Clinton from becoming president.

Trump puts ‘i’ in run

A recent caller has been amazed about anti-Trump commentary. This caller apparently forgot the recent president who was the target of so much vitriol and hatred and even beyond it was scary. So now we have a guy who wants to run the country by putting the letter “i” into the word, in fact and everything. And that makes the word run into ruin.

Parachutist story?

(A) parachutist gets tangled in power lines east of Vance Brand Airport. Why didn’t the Times-Call cover this story ? Or does Mile-Hi Skydiving rule the skies and the newspaper?

Editor’s note: The Times-Call posted an article and photo to its website within hours of the crash. The story did not appear in Friday’s edition due to a production oversight.


I’m in my 60s, and I can’t believe all the mudslinging that goes on. I don’t remember a time like this. With all that being said, when do we deal with the real issues?

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