BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) _ Hollywood's annual trophy-giving season started Thursday with the Golden Globe nominations as Renee Zellweger, Hope Davis, Albert Finney and Alec Baldwin collected bids for supporting performances in a motion picture.

Zellweger, as a tough mountain woman in ``Cold Mountain,'' and Davis, as the wife of a dowdy comic book scribe in ``American Splendor,'' were among supporting movie actress nominees along with Patricia Clarkson in ``Pieces of April,'' Holly Hunter in ``thirteen'' and Maria Bello in ``The Cooler.''

In the supporting movie actor class, Finney was nominated for playing a tall-tale teller in ``Big Fish,'' while Baldwin was recognized for playing a casino boss in ``The Cooler.'' William H. Macy also received a bid for playing a colorful but fictional horse race announcer in ``Seabiscuit.''

Other nominees were Ken Watanabe as a warrior in ``The Last Samurai'' and Tim Robbins as a grown up abuse victim in ``Mystic River'' and Peter Sarsgaard for his role as a skeptical editor in ``Shattered Glass.''