Letter: Trump discourages globalism

August 31, 2018

If you’re serious about understanding some of what Donald Trump is trying to do for us as a country, you might try stepping away briefly from politics and looking from a different, more historical perspective.

It’s likely that then-President Kennedy (JFK) did not want the Vietnam War expanded. He intended it be kept at the military advisory level. It’s also very likely that successor President Johnson (LBJ) would have continued JFK’s policy of only very limited combat, but being surrounded by globalists, LBJ was railroaded into expanding the war under a UN flag.

If you pay attention to LBJ’ s farewell address in which he refused nomination in 1968, you’ll see he makes a very brief and guarded reference to “some dark forces or powers” he was having to deal with.

Globalists Bill Clinton, George Bush the elder and George Bush the younger all had us in very unpopular and unnecessary combat situations, costing us billions of dollars and resulting in thousands of lives lost and amputated limbs. (Including the Vietnam “conflict”, each of these more recent wars may well have been originated under “false flag” triggers).

Obama did as well with the Syrian civil war. Had Mrs. Clinton gotten in office there’s no reason to doubt she would have continued this legacy of UN “endorsed” wars – which date back to the Korean War, which by the way was such a bad idea even Josef Stalin tried to discourage it – by expanding the involvement in Syria and possibly elsewhere.

Our military is stretched way too thin as it is and our country is in debt up to its eyeballs which is a major globalist objective. When you hear or read about President Trump resisting this so-called “deep state” agenda, it’s obvious he’s trying hard to avoid more of this maiming, killing and national indebtedness. Always remember the old saying “it’s a rich man’s war, but it’s a poor man’s fight.”

Jim Bolen


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